Architecture and Drafting Degree and Career Details

  • Architect Classes: Overview of Classes Needed to Become an Architect

    Professional Architects must obtain a license, which requires a degree in Architecture as well as several years experience. Foundational classes in math, science and theory, along with classes in architectural design, drawing, structures and construction are required components of most architectural degree programs. Following is an overview of classes needed to become an Architect.

  • Architect Major: Requirements for Becoming an Architect Major

    Many institutions offer degree programs with a major in architecture. Pre-professional programs prepare students for graduate study or careers in related areas. Those who wish to practice as professional architects must complete a professional program. Some professional programs are offered as 5-year bachelor's degree programs. Alternately, students can pursue a master's degree in architecture after completing a 4-year bachelor's degree.

  • Architect Prerequisites: Overview of Courses to Take in High School to Become an Architect Major

    High school students who wish to pursue an Architecture degree program should take classes in mathematics, physics and if available, Computer-Aided Design (CAD). During summer break, students should pursue paid or unpaid work experience in carpentry, construction or other similar area. This article further discusses some steps high school students interested in becoming Architects should take.

  • Architect: Education and Job Training Requirements for Becoming an Architect

    Would you like to walk through a skyscraper's top floor and know that you created its design? Then consider becoming an architect by learning to draw blueprints and match your client's desires to construction materials and building codes. Earn a professional degree (like the Bachelor of Architecture or Master of Architecture) and pursue state licensure to bring your architecture dreams to life!

  • Architect: How to Become an Architect

    Architecture is an ideal field for creative and detail-oriented individuals who have a touch of artistic flair. Architects design buildings and other structures, planning out everything from form and function to fashion. To become an architect, you'll need a professional degree in architecture, in addition to a state-administered license.

  • Architectural Degree Types: Overview of the Different Types of Architecture Degree Programs

    Degrees in Architecture are offered at the graduate level as well as bachelor's or associate's degree level. However, a graduate degree is required to practice as a professional Architect. Below are overviews of some of the different types of Architecture degree programs available.

  • Architectural Design Degree: Requirements to Enroll in and Complete an Architectural Design Degree Program

    There's more than one way to earn a degree in Architectural Design. Aspiring Architectural Designers can obtain an associate's degree in Architectural Drafting and Design, which qualifies them to draw and design buildings and structures for architects, or they can pursue a Bachelor of Architecture or Master of Architecture. Earning one of the latter degrees is the first step toward becoming a licensed architect.

  • Architectural Design: Career Outlook for the Architectural Design Professions

    Some of the top careers for Architectural Design include interior designers, landscape architects and architectural drafters. Read below for details about each of these three professions and the expected career outlook for these architectural designers.

  • Architectural Design: Education and Job Training Requirements for Becoming an Architectural Design Professional

    Becoming an Architectural Design professional requires a minimum of a 5-year bachelor's degree in Architecture, completion of an internship and passage of the Architect Registration Examination (ARE). This article details the education and job training needed to pursue certification as an architect.

  • Architectural Draftsman: Average Salary of an Architectural Draftsman

    Architectural draftsmen perform rendering tasks for new structures. Such structures include homes, skyscrapers and retail developments but are by no means limited to those types of buildings. Architectural draftsmen can earn anywhere between $25,000 to $60,000, depending on their individual specialties and levels of experience.

  • Architectural Draftsman: Education and Job Training Requirements for Becoming an Architectural Draftsman

    Understanding of structure and design along with an eye for precision are key elements of becoming an Architectural Draftsman. Architectural Drafters use computer software to draw technical plans for buildings. A post-secondary education is not required for this career, but it is preferred.

  • Architectural Majors: Career Options for Architecture Majors

    The Architectural industry requires creative people with strong skills in mathematics and design. Becoming a licensed and registered architect requires college education, including internships. A bachelor's or master's degree in architecture paves the way for a graduate to become licensed as an architect.

  • Architectural Training: Overview of Job Training Requirements for the Architecture Professions

    Architects create physical structures used for a multitude of purposes, including residential properties, retail outlets, office buildings and restaurants. Training requirements for the architecture profession include a degree, such as a Bachelor of Science in Architecture or a Master in Architecture, an internship and a licensing exam.

  • Architecture Classes Online: Overview of Common Online Architecture Classes and Courses

    Many online Architecture classes cover the same material as do on-campus courses. Students study the history of Architecture, architectural studio, Architecture sites, urbanism and architectural construction.

  • Architecture Degree: Requirements to Enroll in and Complete an Architecture Degree Program

    Individuals who earn a bachelor's degree in Architecture can work in government, management, development or design, according to the University of Washington. An undergraduate program in Architecture is intense, so students must be disciplined and have strong time management skills. To enroll in and complete an Architecture degree program, students must submit applications and portfolios, then take required classes and internships.

  • Assistant Landscape Architect: Education and Job Training Requirements for Becoming an Assistant Landscape Architect

    Assistant or junior landscape architects work under the supervision of senior landscape architects to create plans for landscape projects, coordinate work sites and act as liaisons between contractors, project managers and clients. Assistant landscape architects receive the same education as a landscape architects, but haven't yet earned licensure; one of the requirements for licensure is gaining experience under the supervision of a licensed landscape architect. People interested in careers as assistant landscape architects should possess a love of nature and plants, enjoy working with their hands and have an eye for design.

  • Certified Landscape Technician: Average Salary of a Certified Landscape Tech

    Certified Landscape Technicians have knowledge of subjects like math, along with plants and landscaping. They design and build property layouts for a range of locations from private homes to corporate buildings. The outlook for jobs and earnings for a Certified Landscape Tech is expected to increase quickly over the next decade.

  • Landscape Architecture Degree Online: Requirements to Complete an Online Landscape Architecture Degree

    Degree programs in landscape architecture are not offered online. However, related diploma programs in landscaping and landscape design can be taken online, providing students the skills needed for entry-level employment in the field of landscape architecture.

  • Landscape Design Degrees: Career Options for Graduates with a Landscape Design Degree

    A Landscape Design specialist has the opportunity to be both creative and practical in the design and implementation of landscape features. An understanding of plants and a strongly developed sense of visual creativity help provide landscapes and grounds for the enjoyment of homeowners, businesses and the general public. Many Landscape Design careers require a bachelor's degree, although an associate's degree or a master's degree can open the way to career opportunities; read further for more information.

  • Landscape Training: Education and Job Training Requirements for a Career in Landscaping

    If you have admired the layout of shrubs, ponds and trees at a park, office plaza or country club, you are witnessing the work of Landscaping professionals. From mowing lawns to designing elaborate gardens, Landscaping is a career that combines physical labor with artistic skills. If such work interests you, you will likely want to learn more about the education and job training requirements for a career in Landscaping.

  • Landscaping Classes: Overview of Skills Taught in Landscaping College Classes

    The principles of landscaping include the combination of design, horticulture and ecology to create usable spaces, both public and private. If you choose to take landscaping college classes, you have many choices about degree levels and specialties. For instance, many college landscaping classes focus on plants and the way they grow, while others examine design elements. Landscape architecture classes, often part of landscaping-related degree tracks, look at the structure of the space and address issues like building placement, as well as the environmental impact of such building structures.

  • Landscaping Degree: Types of Degrees Related to the Landscaping Professions

    Of the many degrees that can prepare students for a career in the Landscaping profession, some of the most popular associate's degrees are in horticulture, landscape industry and green industry technology. For students looking for advanced studies in Landscaping, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees are available in landscape architecture.

  • Masters in Architecture Online: Course Curriculum of an Online Masters in Architecture Degree Program

    Several schools offer Master of Architecture degrees online. These programs prepare students to become professional, licensed architects after they complete training requirements and pass the licensing exam.

  • Masters in Architecture: Requirements to Enroll in and Complete a Masters Degree in Architecture Program

    Students must have majored in Architecture or an Architecture-related field at an accredited 4-year school in order to enroll in a Architecture master's degree program. Completing the program involves choosing a design path, putting in rigorous studio time, designing original drawings and understanding architectural history. A Master of Architecture (M.Arch) degree is awarded upon successful completion of such a program.

  • Online Architect Courses: Course Curriculum for an Online Architect Degree Program

    Those considering enrolling in an online degree program in architecture will unfortunately have few options from which to choose. Such programs are nearly, if not entirely, unavailable at the associate's degree level and only a small number of colleges offer distance learning bachelor's and master's degrees in architecture. Nevertheless, some programs are available, and this article explains what students might expect to see from such a program.

  • Online Architectural Drafter Associate Degree: Course Curriculum

    An online associate's architectural drafter degree prepares graduates for entry-level careers drawing architectural structures for residential or commercial buildings. Careers in this field may include computer-aided drafter, architectural drafter, sales representative or project manager.

  • Online Architecture Degrees: Career Options for Graduates of an Online Architecture Degree Program

    The field of architecture deals with designing various types of buildings. Some architects design residences, like houses and apartment complexes, while others focus on commercial buildings or even the interiors of buildings. Earning an online degree in architecture can open up possibilities for jobs or further education in the field. This article explains some career options for people who earn online architecture degrees.

  • Online Degree in Landscape Design: Course Curriculum of an Online Landscape Design Degree

    Landscape design degree programs teach students to create, design and implement beautiful, sustainable landscapes for private and public use. Individuals may obtain an associate's, bachelor's or master's degree in landscape design at many schools across the United States. However, there are no accredited online landscape design degree programs available.

  • Online Landscaping Degree: Career Options for Graduates with an Online Degree in Landscaping

    While online degrees in landscape are not available, individuals can pursue some training in this field over the internet. Alternately, on-campus degree programs are available at many colleges and universities.