Architect Classes: Overview of Classes Needed to Become an Architect

Published Aug 18, 2009

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Professional Architects must obtain a license, which requires a degree in Architecture as well as several years experience. Foundational classes in math, science and theory, along with classes in architectural design, drawing, structures and construction are required components of most architectural degree programs. Following is an overview of classes needed to become an Architect.

Classes Needed to Become an Architect

Foundational Architectural Classes

A basic understanding of math and certain scientific principles are essential to further study in architecture. Students are often required to complete classes in calculus and physics as part of their Architectural degree program. Classes in Architectural theory also set the groundwork for study. Theory classes cover the history of architecture, application of styles and strategies and the evolution of structures.

Architectural Design and Drawing Classes

Architectural design classes cover the conceptual and technical skills necessary to create designs. Space planning, materials, structures and human needs are discussed. Architectural students also take classes to learn to use the industry-standard drawing tools. Students learn freehand drawing as well as computer aided drawing, 3-D modeling and basic graphic design.

Structures and Construction Classes

Architects require an in depth understanding of structural systems and construction methods. Classes cover the structural behavior of different systems, elements and materials, including masonry, concrete, wood, glass and steel. Construction materials and processes are explored.

Design Studio Classes

An important part of the education program for Architecture students is the design studio, where students get to apply concepts to projects and research. Some studio classes include presentations or workshops given by visiting architects or professors in the field. Studio classes allow students to explore their creativity and personal interests.

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