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    • 15 Ways to Save Money on Books and School Supplies

      Apr 12, 2010 -- The rising cost of tuition gets a lot of press, but there many other necessary items that are climbing in price as well. It's not unusual for students to spend more than $1,000 on these items each semester. Fortunately, there are ways save money on everything from textbooks to must-have school supplies.

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    • 10 Free Online Tools for Study Groups

      Mar 12, 2010 -- Don't let crazy schedules and other commitments get in the way of your study group. If your study group can't meet in person, you can always meet online. There are lots of different tools designed to assist with communication, collaboration and research. Here are 10 free online tools to try throughout the school year.

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    • How to Effectively Find a Job Online

      Mar 02, 2009 -- In a slow economy, it's often difficult to find a job fresh out of college. Fortunately, there are a number of resources online to assist you with your job search. This article offers an overview of some of the resources available to college grads and links to a slew of dependable websites that you can try out today.

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    • 30 Places to Buy, Sell and Trade Books Online

      Sep 05, 2008 -- Shopping at the local bookstore is becoming increasingly expensive. If you're a voracious reader--or a college student--the smartest thing you can do is develop a go-to list of websites where you can buy, sell and trade books online. This article will get you started by providing you with a list of the 30 best places to buy, sell and trade books and textbooks on the Web.

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