How to Effectively Find a Job Online

Published Mar 02, 2009

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In a slow economy, it's often difficult to find a job fresh out of college. Fortunately, there are a number of resources online to assist you with your job search. This article offers an overview of some of the resources available to college grads and links to a slew of dependable websites that you can try out today.

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Visit Job Search Sites Tailored to New Grads

There are a large number of job search sites out there. While it doesn't hurt to visit them all when conducting a job search, new college grads may have better luck visiting job search sites that are specifically designed for jobseekers fresh out of college.

Work Abroad

You don't have to limit your job search to the United States; there are job opportunities for new college grads around the globe. Working abroad can give you valuable experience and add interest to your resume. Many different websites can help you locate work in other countries. You can try the above sites or type 'work abroad' into a search engine.

Create a Killer Resume

In today's market, it is impossible to get a good job unless you have a good resume. If you think you have a good resume already, think again. There is always room for improvement. Ask your friends, family and colleagues to critique your current resume. Once you've done that, take your resume to the web so that you can get free advice from resume experts at sites like Razume and

Advertise Your Availability

You should never wait for employers to come to you. All jobseekers, particularly those who are fresh out of college, need to advertise their ability to employers. You can do this by creating a brand for yourself on Zigg and other social networking sites. Posting your resume on sites like Career Builder and Monster is also a great way to advertise yourself.

Meet New People

Nowadays, networking is a must. If you need a job, you need to get out there and meet new people. Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are a good place to build a worldwide network of business contacts.

Read Blogs

You should follow at least one or two blogs related to your industry. Although bloggers don't always post actual job listing, you never know what kind of inside information you might pick up on.

Don't Overlook Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies always know who is hiring. If you are having trouble getting a job right out of college, don't hesitate to contact a temp agency. As a new college graduate, you should quickly be able to find employment.

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