20 Educational IPhone Apps for Everyday Uses

Published Apr 20, 2009

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Many of the world's best web apps are available now for the iPhone. Here are 20 educational web apps that can be used to complete everyday tasks.


Organization, Scheduling & Time Management

  • Remember The Milk - You can remember anything with this popular iPhone app.
  • OmniFocus - This iPhone app is great for keeping track of your many tasks. You can manage your tasks and actions by project, date, place or person.
  • 30 Boxes - Heralded as one of the best calendars online, 30 Boxes in now available for the iPhone. The application can be used for organizing, adding and completing tasks on the go.
  • Harvest - This app is designed for businesses, but it can also be used by students who want to track their study time and school expenses.
  • Attendance Countdown - This app allows you to keep track of your attendance and the amount of time you're spending in any given place.

Study Groups, Communication and Networking

  • Quick Voice iP - This award-winning voice recorder can be used to record lectures, reminders and other voice messages. Recorded material can then be emailed directly from your iPhone.
  • Ember - This Campfire app for iPhone offers mobile chatting, live image previews, inline YouTube viewing, inline document viewing and many other nifty features.
  • Ifbyphone - Perfect for study groups, this app can be used for communicating and collaborating with several people at once.
  • Facebook Mobile - Facebook Mobile is just what it sounds like . When you use this app on your phone, you can upload photos and notes to your Facebook page. You can also reply to messages, pokes and posts.
  • Yahoo! Messenger - With the Yahoo! Messenger app for iPhone, you can message your Yahoo! contacts, share photos, and do many of the other tasks that can be performed with the traditional Yahoo! Messenger.

Learning and Reference

  • Flash-Me - This educational iPhone App lets you use Cramberry (the amazing online flashcard maker) on your iPhone. With Flash-Me, you can create, edit and study your flash cards on your iPhone.
  • Accelastudy - Accelastudy is an educational app for people who are learning a new language. The app supports 16 different languages. Major features include flashcards, vocab lists, timed quizzes, audio quizzes and audio pronunciations.
  • BYKI - Also for language learners, the BYKI app teaches more than 1,000 critical words and short phrases in 11 languages.
  • Blackboard Learn - Updates from Blackboard courses and organizations can now be accessed on iPhones with Blackboard Learn.
  • NYTimes iPhone - View current news and search through more than 100 years of stories with the NYTimes iPhone app.

Miscellaneous iPhone Apps

  • Evernote - This iPhone app will help you capture video and audio with your phone and sync it to other devices.
  • BookShelf - BookShelf turns the iPhone into an eBook reader. You can download books from a computer and read them whenever it suits you.
  • Stanza - Stanza is a free iPhone app that can be used for downloading and reading thousands of books. Once on your iPhone, books (font size, page color, etc.) are completely customizable.
  • ShapeWriter - This free web app creates a virtual keyboard that you can drag your finger across for easy typing.
  • Google Mobile - The Google Mobile app gives you access to the Google search engine. You can search with your voice or with your fingers.

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