Architectural Design: Career Outlook for the Architectural Design Professions

Published Aug 31, 2009

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Some of the top careers for Architectural Design include interior designers, landscape architects and architectural drafters. Read below for details about each of these three professions and the expected career outlook for these architectural designers.

Interior Designer Overview and Career Outlook

Interior designers are Architectural Design professionals who create aesthetically pleasing interior spaces in homes and other buildings. An interior designer works with clients to choose colors, furniture layout, artwork and appropriate lighting. Interior designers also plan details such as window location, crown molding and building renovations. These professionals work closely with blueprints, building architects and contractors.

In 2006, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted an increase in interior design jobs. However, due to the recent recession, this prediction may be skewed. Factors that affect the career outlook for this profession are homeowner wealth and the construction industry.

Landscape Architect Overview and Career Outlook

A landscape architect is a professional in Architectural Design concerned with creating beautiful, yet functional, exterior designs for playgrounds, homes, parks, golf courses and schools. Landscape architects do everything from mapping building locations and roads to planning the restoration of natural habitats and historical structures.

According to the BLS, job opportunities for landscape architects will rely heavily on the construction market and will vary between the different geographic regions of the country. Most states require Landscape Architects to earn licensure by taking the Landscape Architect Registration Examination, and transfer between states may be difficult. National certification by the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards, which may ease transfer, requires appropriate education, three years of experience, licensure, exam completion and good professional conduct.

Architectural Drafter Overview and Career Outlook

Professionals who conceptualize new structure ideas and plans are called architectural drafters. These Architectural Design professionals work with blueprints and computer-aided design programs to plan and sketch diagrams related to new building structures or interior mappings for electrical systems and gas pipelines.

The BLS predicted in 2006 that the career outlook for architectural drafters would be slow. Couple that with the recent economic downturn, and drafters can most likely expect even slower growth than originally predicted.

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