Masters in Architecture Online: Course Curriculum of an Online Masters in Architecture Degree Program

Published Oct 29, 2009

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Several schools offer Master of Architecture degrees online. These programs prepare students to become professional, licensed architects after they complete training requirements and pass the licensing exam.

Architecture Online Master's Degree Course Curriculum

While some master's degree programs in architecture are offered entirely online, others require students to participate in on-campus design studio classes or workshops. Master's degree programs generally require 30 or more hours of graduate level coursework and may require a thesis or research project. Some programs offer specializations in areas like urban design or sustainable architecture. Most are 2-year programs that lead to a Master of Architecture degree.

Most programs are designed to prepare students for professional licensing. Students are advised to check if the program is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board, Several states require graduation from an accredited program in order to become licensed. Following are the types of courses that may be included in an online master's program in architecture:

  • Design Theory: Students study the development of various theories of architectural design.
  • Architectural History: Courses cover the evolution of architectural theories, practices and designs throughout the ages.
  • Current Issues in Architecture: Students look at 20th century architecture and current trends in design and building.
  • Drawing and Electronic Methods: Students learn tools and techniques for computer-aided drawing or traditional drafting.
  • Structures: Analysis and design of structures and materials and the effects of external forces on structures are discussed.
  • Materials: Students explore various materials used in construction.
  • Construction: Students explore project planning, project management and the construction process.
  • Environmental Issues and Design: A wide range of environmental issues that affect architecture are discussed; students also explore ways in which architecture affects the environment.
  • Legal Aspects of Architecture: Students learn about the laws, codes and regulations that govern or affect the field of architecture.

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