Online Architecture Degrees: Career Options for Graduates of an Online Architecture Degree Program

Published Nov 08, 2009

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The field of architecture deals with designing various types of buildings. Some architects design residences, like houses and apartment complexes, while others focus on commercial buildings or even the interiors of buildings. Earning an online degree in architecture can open up possibilities for jobs or further education in the field. This article explains some career options for people who earn online architecture degrees.

Online Associate's Degree in Architecture Career Summary

While traditional online associate's degrees in architecture are extremely rare, some schools do offer associate's online degrees in interior architecture, which teach students to design building interiors. Graduates of online associate's degree programs in interior architecture often find jobs as interior designers, furniture designers, lighting designers or interior decorators. Graduates are usually either self-employed or work for design or decorating companies, and they often deal with both residences and commercial buildings.

Online Bachelor's Degree in Architecture Career Summary

Most online bachelor's degree programs in architecture do require some face-to-face classroom instruction in addition to the online components. People who hold an online architecture bachelor's degree often find jobs in the construction industry or architecture apprenticeships.

Most states require architects to hold a professional architectural degree from a school accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ( Since many online bachelor's degree programs in the subject aren't accredited, students have to obtain a higher degree to work as licensed architects.

Online Master's Degree in Architecture Career Summary

Students who earn an online master's degree program in architecture are usually required to complete some hands-on studio work in person. Since some online master's programs are accredited by the NAAB, graduates can often find work as architects. Many online master's programs in the discipline place equal emphasis on architectural design and practice, qualifying graduates for a number of careers.

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