Masters in Architecture: Requirements to Enroll in and Complete a Masters Degree in Architecture Program

Published Aug 28, 2009

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Students must have majored in Architecture or an Architecture-related field at an accredited 4-year school in order to enroll in a Architecture master's degree program. Completing the program involves choosing a design path, putting in rigorous studio time, designing original drawings and understanding architectural history. A Master of Architecture (M.Arch) degree is awarded upon successful completion of such a program.

Enrolling in a Master of Architecture Degree Program

To enroll in an Architecture master's degree program, students must have an Architecture or Architecture-related 4-year degree. Those students without an Architecture degree must take prerequisite coursework in calculus, physics, computer aided drafting (CAD), building science, architectural history and studio classes prior to enrollment. Some graduate-level Architecture programs let students specialize in field-related areas such as architectural technologies and digital media. These specializations are often the basis for a student's thesis. The Master of Architecture degree program usually involves between one and two intensive years of architecture study past one's bachelor's degree. Most U.S. states require a degree from an accredited professional Architecture degree program as a prerequisite for licensing.

Completing a Master of Architecture Degree Program

Architecture degree programs focus on architecture history, theory, technology and representation. Most schools emphasize one architectural style, but many programs still offer stimulating and sustainable settings for diverse cultural expression. Students learn to develop critical understanding of the roles that design, aesthetics and material play in the world of Architecture. They also learn to adapt to changes in the field of Architecture. After the first year of a Master of Architecture degree program, evaluations of student portfolios are conducted to help students choose a design path. Some schools make these evaluations the determining factor in a student's ability to continue in the program. A Master of Architecture degree program must be accredited by the National Architecture Accrediting Board which, in turn, will prepare students for the Architectural Registration Exam; the exam can be taken after three years of experience working as an architect.

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