Architectural Degree Types: Overview of the Different Types of Architecture Degree Programs

Published Aug 26, 2009

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Degrees in Architecture are offered at the graduate level as well as bachelor's or associate's degree level. However, a graduate degree is required to practice as a professional Architect. Below are overviews of some of the different types of Architecture degree programs available.

Associate's Degrees in Architecture

Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science degrees in Architecture are offered at many community or junior colleges. These programs, which typically take two years to complete, prepare students for entry-level or drafting careers in the field of Architecture or for transfer to a 4-year school. Courses cover building materials, building systems, architecture drawing and graphic techniques.

Bachelor's Degrees in Architecture

Bachelor's degrees in Architecture are typically 4-year, pre-professional programs integrating a general liberal arts education with Architectural coursework. Students take courses in history and theory of Architecture, structures, construction and Architectural graphics. Programs usually include a design studio.

Bachelor's Degrees in Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture programs at the bachelor's level explore techniques and theories involved in the analysis, planning and design of the natural environment. During the 4-year program, students receive a solid foundation in landscape Architecture, preparing them for graduate level studies.

Master's Degrees in Architecture

Master's degree programs in Architecture prepare students for careers as professional licensed Architects. Programs may last two to three years depending on the amount of pre-requisite Architectural coursework previously completed. Coursework builds on concepts and skills during undergraduate study and usually incorporates practical application of skills in a design studio.

Master's Degrees in Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture degrees at the graduate level also prepare students for licensing as professional landscape Architects. Coursework builds on design skills as well as knowledge of history and theory. Students also become competent in the technology and tools used in the trade.

Doctorate Degreed in Architecture

Doctorate, or Ph.D. programs in both Architecture and landscape Architecture are generally aimed at students who wish to pursue a research or academic career in this field. Most doctorate programs require students to complete a research project of dissertation as part of the program.

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