Landscaping Degree: Types of Degrees Related to the Landscaping Professions

Published Sep 03, 2009

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Of the many degrees that can prepare students for a career in the Landscaping profession, some of the most popular associate's degrees are in horticulture, landscape industry and green industry technology. For students looking for advanced studies in Landscaping, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees are available in landscape architecture.

Associate's Degree in Horticulture

A more scientific-based area of the Landscaping profession, an associate's degree in horticulture gives students an understanding of various types of plants, including shrubs, vines, trees, fruit-bearing trees and plants, grasses and flowers. Horticulturists can pursue a variety of professions, including producing plants, marketing plants and other landscaping products and designing, implementing and preserving indoor and outdoor landscapes. Students may take classes in landscape design, landscape graphics, plant propagation, soil and plant nutrition, and plant diseases and pests.

Associate's Degree in Landscape Industry

An associate's degree program in landscape industry teaches the skills to design and install different types of landscapes. Students learn to put in hardscapes, turf grass, other plant material and irrigation systems. The degree may cover irrigation maintenance and legal regulations for pest control. Such a degree can include classes in irrigation design, pest control and landscape construction.

Associate's Degree in Green Industry Technology

This degree focuses on the basics of maintaining different types of environments through Landscaping. Students learn to care for golf courses, sports turfs and wooded environments. Classes cover weeds, plant propagation, soils, fertilizers, plant health, landscape construction, landscape design and Landscaping tools and equipment.

Bachelor's Degree in Landscape Architecture

Students of landscape architecture (another field related to Landscaping) analyze, design and maintain environments. The degree covers theories, technologies and styles used to enhance the appearance of outdoor spaces. Students take courses in physical geography, landscape construction, the history of landscape architecture and plant materials.

Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture

A master's degree in landscape architecture covers advanced topics in designing an outdoor environmental space. In addition to structure and design, students also learn about plant ecology and uses. This degree also covers theory of people interacting with their environment, and human behavior in a landscape. Students learn about the natural environmental process and the ecosystem. To earn a degree, students usually complete a thesis and an independent Landscaping project.

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