Architect Prerequisites: Overview of Courses to Take in High School to Become an Architect Major

Published Sep 09, 2009

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High school students who wish to pursue an Architecture degree program should take classes in mathematics, physics and if available, Computer-Aided Design (CAD). During summer break, students should pursue paid or unpaid work experience in carpentry, construction or other similar area. This article further discusses some steps high school students interested in becoming Architects should take.

Architect Career Summary

Architects are responsible for designing all types of buildings, from public structures like municipal buildings and bus stations, to private buildings like homes, offices and entertainment complexes. Architects try to design buildings that are structurally sound, fully functional and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to designing buildings, Architects often collaborate with clients and builders to plan budgets, find a location for the new building and evaluate environmental concerns the building may raise.

Prerequisite High School Courses to Become an Architect

Architects need to have highly advanced mathematics and science skills, so interested high school students should take as many classes in the subjects as possible prior to college. Many schools, such as Virginia Tech,, recommend that students take Advanced Placement (AP) classes in subjects like mathematics, the natural sciences and English. Geometry and physics are particularly good choices in these areas. Since being a successful architect involves a great deal of creativity and strong communication skills, high school students interested in becoming Architects should also take classes in drawing, including architectural drafting, and speech.

Summer Jobs and Programs for Students Interested in Becoming Architects advises high school students applying to Bachelor of Architecture programs to find summer jobs in construction or find work for architects or engineers. Students should also participate in the ACE Mentor Program,, which helps students network with architecture, construction and engineering professionals. The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS),, is another organization established to help student of all ages explore careers in architecture.

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