Online Landscaping Degree: Career Options for Graduates with an Online Degree in Landscaping

Published Dec 09, 2009

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While online degrees in landscape are not available, individuals can pursue some training in this field over the internet. Alternately, on-campus degree programs are available at many colleges and universities.

Online Landscaping Diploma Program Career Options

Online programs in landscaping typically lead to a diploma or a certificate of completion. By learning skills relating to plant health, landscape aesthetics and equipment operation, students are prepared for careers as landscapers working with lawncare, landscaping or landscape design firms. Some programs include business or management courses that may help students prepare to operate their own landscaping service.

Associate's Degree Programs in Landscaping Career Options

Through an associate's degree program, such as an Associate of Science in Landscape and Environmental Design, students learn the fine points of landscape design. Graduates are prepared for careers as landscapers, groundskeepers, gardeners, nursery workers, floral designers or arborists. They may be employed by greenhouses ad nurseries, parks, estates, private residences, government agencies, landscape design agencies or lawn care services.

Bachelor's Degree Programs in Landscaping Career Options

Bachelor's degrees in landscaping, such as a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, provide a solid base for a career in landscape design and planning. Students receive the essential skills in design, art, natural science and construction techniques to become landscape designers. Graduates might be employed by development firms, town or city municipalities, construction companies, parks or estates as landscape architects or designers. With experience, landscapers can become licensed or certified by professional organizations, such as the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards,

Master's Degree Programs in Landscaping Career Options

With a graduate degree, such as a Master of Landscape Architecture, graduates are prepared for the Landscape Architecture Registration Exam, entitling them to become licensed landscape architects. Some landscape architects might start their own businesses or consulting services. Others pursue academic or research careers. Many work in city or regional planning or with environmental design organizations.

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