Landscape Architecture Degree Online: Requirements to Complete an Online Landscape Architecture Degree

Published Oct 30, 2009

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Degree programs in landscape architecture are not offered online. However, related diploma programs in landscaping and landscape design can be taken online, providing students the skills needed for entry-level employment in the field of landscape architecture.

Landscape Architecture Online Diploma Program Enrollment Requirements

Online diploma programs in landscaping or landscape design provide the technical skills needed to enter into the field. Many of these programs are designed for individuals who wish to start their own landscaping businesses. Career diploma programs often do not have any education prerequisites. Students complete an online application form and are contacted by an admissions representative to go over any additional requirements.

Landscape Architecture Online Diploma Program Completion Requirements

Online diploma programs in landscaping and landscape design allow for a flexible schedule and may take six months or more to complete. Students generally complete readings and submit assignments online. No degrees or professional certifications are awarded. Students who complete landscaping programs online may be eligible for membership in professional associations, such as the Professional Grounds Management Society,

Landscaping diploma programs teach students the basics of landscape design, such as placement of shrubs and groundcover. Students take required courses covering types of plants, shrubs and trees, soil types, soil conditions and fertilizers. Students may also be required to learn to operate tools used in landscaping and how to service tools and equipment, such as lawn tractors. Some programs cover business topics useful to starting and managing a small landscape business.

Landscape design diploma programs focus on the creative design aspect of landscape architecture. Students learn basic drawing and planning techniques and design for outdoor spaces. They also practice selecting plants and hardscape elements and installing and maintaining landscape elements. Programs in landscape design typically require courses in project management, including calculating costs, negotiating contracts, planning timelines and providing good customer service. Some programs might also provide guidance on starting and managing a landscape design business.

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