Certified Landscape Technician: Average Salary of a Certified Landscape Tech

Published Aug 04, 2009

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Certified Landscape Technicians have knowledge of subjects like math, along with plants and landscaping. They design and build property layouts for a range of locations from private homes to corporate buildings. The outlook for jobs and earnings for a Certified Landscape Tech is expected to increase quickly over the next decade.

Certified Landscape Technician Career Summary

Certified Landscape Technicians create, install and maintain aesthetically pleasing gardens and landscapes. They also have knowledge of plants and trees, which they use to grow and transplant into their designs. Landscape technicians may also perform construction work, along with working with water systems. In order to become a Certified Landscape Tech, individuals need to complete a certificate or degree program. This is followed by taking the certification exam given by the Associated Landscape Contractors of America. The exam consists of a general comprehension test, a core test and practical, hands-on problems that cover areas of landscaping, such as installation, maintenance and irrigation.

Certified Landscape Technician Career Outlook and Salary Information

The job outlook for those working in landscaping is anticipated to be good from 2006 to 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov. Job opportunities are also expected to be greater in temperate climates, where there is a year-round demand for landscaping. Median salaries for those working in this field varied from $9.82 to $17.83 per hour depending on specific positions. Opportunities exist in this field for advancement, such as moving up to a management position. Additionally, some, with business knowledge, may also start their own businesses, while others in the field may pursue a more advanced degree to become landscape architects.

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