Computer Technician Degree and Career Details

  • BS in Computer Science: Course Curriculum for a BS in Computer Science Degree

    Many who pursue a career in Computer Science choose to obtain a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science. The growing fields of computer programming, software design, computer system design, computer graphics and networking make a BS in Computer Science a valuable degree. If you are considering pursuing this degree, keep reading to learn more about the course curriculum for a BS in Computer Science.

  • Computer Careers: Career Outlook for Computer Industry Professions

    Those in the Computer Industry profession face a healthy career outlook due largely to increased reliance on technology and the ability to apply specialized knowledge to this continually evolving field. Read on to learn more about the career outlook of Computer Industry professions.

  • Computer Repair Technician: Career Outlook for Computer Repair Technicians

    Computer repair technicians diagnose and repair computers, printers, monitors, routers and modems. A computer repair technician often staffs a help desk, assisting customers in diagnosing and fixing common computer problems. Career opportunities for computer repair technicians are expected to grow with increased technology use.

  • Computer Repair: Education and Job Training Requirements for Becoming a Computer Repair Professional

    Companies rely on Computer Repair professionals to diagnose and fix malfunctioning hardware, software and peripherals, such as printers, storage components and expansion cards. Prospective Computer Repair technicians generally pursue a certificate or an associate's degree, although some employers require a bachelor's degree.

  • Computer Specialist Associates Degree: Career Options for Graduates

    A 2-year degree program that trains aspiring computer specialists can be found at community and technical colleges nationwide. Students learn the language of information technology so they can go on to support- and helpdesk-oriented careers. This article outlines what to expect from a computer specialist associate degree program and highlights a couple of the career options available to graduates.

  • Computer Specialist Degree: Requirements to Enroll in and Complete a Computer Specialist Degree

    As computer systems and applications grow more complex and businesses rely more heavily on their use, more Computer Specialists are needed to keep systems running effectively and efficiently. A Computer Specialist degree program provides students with knowledge of the principles and techniques used in computer information processing so that they are equipped to find solutions to computer problems. Read on to find out requirements for enrolling in and completing a Computer Specialist degree program.

  • Computer Specialist: Average Salary of a Computer Specialist

    Computer specialists can work as database administrators, computer support specialists or computer scientists. Educational requirements depend on the particular job; computer support specialists, for example, may need an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Specialist Applications while computer network administrators may need a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems.

  • Computer Specialist: Education and Job Training Requirements for Becoming a Computer Specialist

    Computer Specialists are needed in order to help businesses troubleshoot and correct problems with their computer software and systems. If you are interested in becoming a Computer Specialist, read on for information about education and job training requirements for this career.

  • Computer Tech: How to Become a Computer Tech

    Computer technicians (or computer techs) are experts in repairing, installing and maintaining computers on behalf of a company or organization. In most cases, they provide technical assistance and support to either coworkers or customers depending on the industry. An associate's degree is typically the minimum requirement to become a computer technician.

  • Computer Technician Salaries: Average Salary for Computer Technician Jobs

    Do you enjoy working with computers and troubleshooting any problems that may arise with them? A career as a Computer Technician might be right for you. A college degree is not a requirement for this position, but it is an asset for job seekers who want a competitive advantage. Technological savvy, good people skills and previous relevant experience are required to get started in this in-demand career.

  • Computer Technician: Education and Job Training Requirements for Becoming a Computer Technician

    Computer Technicians generally perform computer maintenance and troubleshooting, which can involve working with various computer systems and networks. Earning a degree, such as an associate's, bachelor's or master's, is a good way to get started in the field of technology as a Computer Technician.

  • Computer Technology Degree: Requirements to Enroll in and Complete a Computer Technology Degree

    Programs in computer technology prepare students for careers performing a range of functions, such as creating advanced electronic devices, managing data, providing field service and implementing hardware and software for numerous applications. Programs are commonly offered at the associate's and bachelor's degree level. Read on to find out more about enrolling in and completing a computer technology degree.

  • Computer Technology Degrees: Course Curriculum for a Computer Technology Degree Program

    A degree in computer technology can prepare you for a variety of careers in this high demand and high growth industry. Computer technology programs may focus on business applications, system and network administration or information technology. Read on for information about the curriculum for a computer technology degree program.

  • Online Bachelor Degree in Computer Science: Requirements to Complete a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Online

    Computer Science programs cover the whole arena of computer systems, software and hardware providing students with a broad understanding of computers and their applications. An online bachelor's degree program in Computer Science prepares individuals for a wide range of careers in the areas of programming, software or hardware development or network administration. Read on to find out more about enrolling in and completing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science online.

  • Online Computer Repair Classes: Overview of Common Online Computer Repair Classes

    If you've ever been frustrated by performance problems with your computer, you know how valuable computer repair specialists and technicians are, not only to individual users, but to organizations which depend on computers for productivity. Individuals can train for this high-demand career through online programs in computer service and maintenance.

  • Online Computer Repair Degrees: Requirements to Enroll in and Complete a Computer Repair Degree Program

    Computer Repair technicians are in high demand now that computers have become a part of our everyday lives and a requirement of almost every American business. Students wishing to complete an online degree to become a computer repair technician can enroll in a 34-credit associate's degree, certificate or diploma program where they will learn the ins and outs of working with and troubleshooting computers.

  • Online Computer Science Courses: Course Curriculum for an Online Computer Science Degree Program

    There are a lot of options for pursuing computer science degrees online. An associate's degree in computer science can lead to an entry-level position; however, most computer science jobs require at least a bachelor's degree. An increasing number of computer science professionals are pursuing online master's and Ph.D. programs in computer science to gain the knowledge and skills needed to advance their careers.

  • Online Computer Technician Degree Program: Requirements to Complete a Computer Technician Program Online

    Online computer technician degree programs most often come in the form of certificate or associate's degree programs, though bachelor's and master's degree programs in information technology are available. Degrees can lead to steady employment because almost every organization and U.S. household relies on technology equipment. Graduates may work for information technology departments in private, public or nonprofit organizations and information technology consulting businesses.

  • Online Computer Technician Degree: Course Curriculum for an Online Computer Technician Degree Program

    Several schools now offer online computer technician degrees at the associate's, bachelor's and master's degree levels. Each of these degree programs prepare graduates for careers in information technology at various levels and with varying degrees of responsibility.