Computer Specialist Associates Degree: Career Options for Graduates

Published Aug 28, 2009

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A 2-year degree program that trains aspiring computer specialists can be found at community and technical colleges nationwide. Students learn the language of information technology so they can go on to support- and helpdesk-oriented careers. This article outlines what to expect from a computer specialist associate degree program and highlights a couple of the career options available to graduates.

Associate's Degree in Computer Specialist Career Summary

Computer specialist associate's degrees prepare students to work technical, hands-on positions or in assistant support roles. Computer specialists help with the technical side of a business' information technology systems. Computer support specialists focus on providing assistance to customers or co-workers, interpreting and troubleshooting a person's computer-related issue. Other positions available to computer specialist associate's degree holders include computer systems administrators and computer security specialists.

Technical Support Career Options with a Computer Specialist Associate's Degree

Computer specialist associate's degrees fit well into the area of technical support, a field in which computer specialists use their technological knowledge to help others with their problems. Helpdesk technicians work for a software or hardware company, taking phone calls and e-mails from customers to assist them with any technical issues that may be occurring with the product. Technical support specialists work in all types of venues and focus on taking care of the technical issues workers face with company computers and software properly.

Computer Specialist Associate's Degree Administrative Career Options

The administrative aspects of a computer specialist associate's degree focus on designing, installing and supporting an organization's computer systems. Network and computer systems administrators are responsible for both the local-area and the wide-area networks of a company, making sure that everyone has smooth and reliable access to the Internet. Regular maintenance is performed by the network administrator, usually taking care of the upkeep in off hours when an offline server won't impede anyone's work. Computer security specialists are also vital to any company as they plan, implement and coordinate the security systems for the entire organization's computers in order to defend against cyber crimes and attacks.

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