Computer Analyst: Education and Job Training Requirements for Becoming a Computer Analyst

Published Aug 29, 2009

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Computer Analysts are knowledgeable in designing and maintaining computer systems and programs. Computer Analysts work to solve existing computer problems and to implement new technologies and software.

Computer Analyst Career Summary

Computer Analysts can be responsible for a wide range of tasks, including troubleshooting computer problems, developing computer systems, incorporating new technologies into existing computer systems and teaching business owners and staff how to use their technological equipment. Some Computer Analysts work as managers of a technological department or small business. Because so much of their work is done with computers, Computer Analysts need to be highly knowledgeable about different components of computer systems, including hardware, software and networks.

Education Required to Become a Computer Analyst

According to O*Net ( most Computer Analysts need to have a bachelor degree, though some employers accept relevant work experience in place of a degree. Degrees may be in physical sciences, engineering, applied math, information science or computer science. Computer Analysts who are working in business, may be required to have a business-relate bachelor's (management information systems) or an MBA specializing in information systems. Complex or high-level Computer Analyst jobs may require applicants to hold graduate degrees.

Job Training and Certifications Required to Become a Computer Analyst

Computer Analysts may receive some on-the-job guidance, but they are generally expected to do their jobs without additional training. Although Computer Analyst do not have to obtain certification or licensure in order to work, many voluntary certifications are available that may help a candidate's job prospects. ICCP (Institution for Certification of Computing Professionals) offers the CCP (Certified Computing Professional) and ACP (Associate Computing Professional) credentials. Many software vendors (Microsoft, CISCO) offer certifications for their products. It is also important for those in this career field to maintain knowledge of current technologies.

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