Online Computer Repair Classes: Overview of Common Online Computer Repair Classes

Published Nov 05, 2009

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If you've ever been frustrated by performance problems with your computer, you know how valuable computer repair specialists and technicians are, not only to individual users, but to organizations which depend on computers for productivity. Individuals can train for this high-demand career through online programs in computer service and maintenance.

Online Computer Repair Course Curriculum

Online programs in computer repair prepare students to troubleshoot the vast array of problems that users encounter on a daily basis. Program lengths vary, but some can be completed within a matter of months. Below are some classes common to online programs in computer repair:

  • Introduction to Computer Technology: Courses provide an introduction to computer technology including the history, development and current range of uses.
  • Introduction to PC Maintenance and Repair: Courses provide a broad overview of essential hardware and software elements, as well as workplace safety and employment outlook.
  • Hardware: Students learn about various hardware components including personal computers, laptops, printers and other external devices. Skills covered include how to install or replace hard drives, video cards, memory and processors.
  • Operating Systems: Along with the technical aspects of various common operating systems, students will master virus protection, data protection and data recovery techniques. Installations or upgrades of operating systems will also be covered.
  • Network Protocols: Students learn various strategies used to network computers and techniques for troubleshooting network issues. Courses might also address internet connections and troubleshooting issues with internet connectivity.
  • CompTIA A+ Certification: Some programs offer courses that prepare students for A+ Certification by CompTIA ( A class targeted toward this credential will cover topics found on the certification exam and discuss strategies for passing the exam.

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