Certified Computer Engineer: How to Become a Certified Computer Engineer

Published Aug 17, 2009

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With above-average predicted job growth, Computer Engineering proves to be an attractive option for students interested in software design and work in security, finance, and any field that requires individualized software needs. Although many employers look for candidates possessing a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, there are many options for those looking to become certified Computer Engineers.

Enrolling in a Computer Engineer Certification Program

Technical schools and community colleges around the U.S. offer certification in Computer Engineering, computer electronics, and software design. Some Computer Engineer certification programs require prior completion of basic computer courses like programming logic and computer science.

Completing a Computer Engineer Certification Program

To become a certified Computer Engineer, students must learn basic computer science, networking and systems. Computer Engineers must be able to communicate with team members and clients, analyze and solve problems, concentrate and multi-task. Most Computer Engineering certification programs take less than two years to complete and are taught at affordable community colleges and technical schools.

Working as a Certified Computer Engineer

Certified Computer Engineers may find work in entry-level positions testing computer software or assisting more experienced Computer Engineers. Technological advances require Computer Engineers to continually educate themselves through courses and seminars offered by schools and employers.

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