Computer Repair Technician: Career Outlook for Computer Repair Technicians

Published Sep 15, 2009

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Computer repair technicians diagnose and repair computers, printers, monitors, routers and modems. A computer repair technician often staffs a help desk, assisting customers in diagnosing and fixing common computer problems. Career opportunities for computer repair technicians are expected to grow with increased technology use.

Computer Repair Technician Overview and Career Outlook

Computer repair technicians repair computers and troubleshoot computers that are not operating correctly. Technicians run diagnostic programs and may also work on scanners, printers and monitors. A computer repair technician must have good communication skills to ensure that the information given by a customer is correct, and that the computer repair technician understands the problems. Because computers often work around the clock, a computer repair technician might be required to work odd hours and be on call for repair service, according to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, anticipates employment for computer repair technicians to grow in the coming years, but much more slowly than other sectors.

Computer Support Specialist Overview and Career Outlook

Computer support specialists give support and consultation to end users, corporations and other users. A computer support specialist often provides support over the phone to diagnose and help a customer determine if a problem can be easily fixed, or if the computer will have to be sent to a service center for repair. As troubleshooters, they may diagnose computers, monitors, printers, routers and modems. Specialists often work with automated diagnostic programs, according to the BLS, which anticipates average, moderate career growth for computer support specialists.

Technical Support Specialists Overview and Career Outlook

A technical support specialist provides technical support to an organization's users, resolving problems that hamper the organization's productivity. A specialist maintains and repairs computer hardware and intranet systems. A tech support specialist often writes training manuals and updates for system users, as well as instructing new employees in the use of computers, software systems and privacy policies of the company. Automated diagnostic programs are used by a technical support specialist to diagnose problems either on a specific computer or a company network, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS predicts growth in technical support employment as people use more computerized devices regularly.

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