Computer Technician: Education and Job Training Requirements for Becoming a Computer Technician

Published Aug 10, 2009

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Computer Technicians generally perform computer maintenance and troubleshooting, which can involve working with various computer systems and networks. Earning a degree, such as an associate's, bachelor's or master's, is a good way to get started in the field of technology as a Computer Technician.

Computer Technician Career Summary

Computer Technicians provide a service to individuals and organizations using computer systems by completing system installations or by providing technical support when problems arise. Computer Technicians can also teach users how to work with different operating systems and software, along with helping administrators with troubleshooting. Computer Technicians may also specialize in different areas, such as network administration or customer support analysis.

Education Required to Become A Computer Technician

There are various routes to becoming a Computer Technician. Minimum educational requirement is a high school diploma, although many employers prefer candidates with a related associate or bachelor's degree. However, some employers may consider relevant experience and certification, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Many junior colleges offer certificate and associate degree programs in computer engineering technology or computer installer and repairer that provide hands-on experience. Additionally associate's and bachelor's degrees in information systems or computer science are available from many 2-year and 4-year institutions, both on-campus and online.

Job Training and Certification Required to Become a Computer Technician

Various certifications are available to those planning to work as a Computer Technician. They may be either vendor-neutral, such as the certifications offered by Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) or vendor-specific certifications, available from Microsoft or Apple.

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