BS in Computer Science: Course Curriculum for a BS in Computer Science Degree

Published Aug 12, 2009

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Many who pursue a career in Computer Science choose to obtain a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science. The growing fields of computer programming, software design, computer system design, computer graphics and networking make a BS in Computer Science a valuable degree. If you are considering pursuing this degree, keep reading to learn more about the course curriculum for a BS in Computer Science.

Course Curriculum For a BS in Computer Science

A BS program in Computer Science exposes students to many aspects of computer programming along with several courses in mathematics. In this type of program, you will learn computer science basics, networking, programming languages, software development and operating systems. A BS in Computer Science will prepare you for a career as a computer programmer, software or application developer, technical support representative or systems analyst.

Computer Science: Course Curriculum For a BS in Computer Science

The following list identifies and explains Computer Science courses typically found in many programs leading to a BS in Computer Science degree:

  • Computer Programming: This course presents fundamental concepts in programming such as loops, variables and function.
  • Programming Languages: Students discuss the global properties of programming languages and discusses language concepts, paradigms, compilation and interpretation.
  • Data Structures: The main topics of this course are algorithms and data structures including lists, queues and trees as used in several computer applications such as database design and systems programming.
  • Computer Systems: Participants learn how computers execute programs by studying operating system software and other components that impact program performance.
  • Computer Networking: Computer communication, routing, error recovery and other protocols for a variety of networks, such as local area networks and satellite networks, are explored in this course.
  • Software Engineering: Students focus on the engineering principles of software design, development and use.
  • Mathematics: All BS in Computer Science programs include fundamental and advanced courses in mathematics, including precalculus, calculus I and II, algebra and linear algebra.

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