Computer Specialist: Education and Job Training Requirements for Becoming a Computer Specialist

Published Sep 09, 2009

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Computer Specialists are needed in order to help businesses troubleshoot and correct problems with their computer software and systems. If you are interested in becoming a Computer Specialist, read on for information about education and job training requirements for this career.

Computer Specialist Career Summary

Computer Specialists are needed by almost any business requiring the use of computers ranging from systems design companies and software publishers to educational institutions and non-profit groups. They troubleshoot problems with both hardware and software, provide maintenance and consult on products or services related to an organization's computer systems. Some Computer Specialists work in network administration where they plan, install, maintain and troubleshoot computer networking systems. Other specialists might deal with information security, monitoring systems for breaches and running security software programs.

Education Required to Become a Computer Specialist

Many jobs require a bachelor's degree. However, those with an associate's degree or who have earned professional certifications will find opportunities in this field. Related degrees include computer systems analysis, information technology, systems administration and computer programming. Typical coursework in a bachelor's degree program might include hardware and software fundamentals, network systems, operating systems and help desk or customer service support.

Job Training and Certification Required to Become a Computer Specialist

Computer Specialists need to learn problem-solving skills as well as communication skills since their job often entails working with users to troubleshoot problems. Since the technologies used are constantly changing, Computer Specialists should participate in continuing education programs or professional seminars to keep current. Certification is not mandatory for all jobs, but some employers may require it. Vendors, such as Cisco Systems, Inc.,, and Microsoft,, offer professional certification to those who meet the necessary experience requirements and can pass a series of exams.

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