Computer Technology Degrees: Course Curriculum for a Computer Technology Degree Program

Published Sep 14, 2009

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A degree in computer technology can prepare you for a variety of careers in this high demand and high growth industry. Computer technology programs may focus on business applications, system and network administration or information technology. Read on for information about the curriculum for a computer technology degree program.

Computer Technology Associate's Degree Course Curriculum

Associate's level degree programs are common for those interested in computer technology. These programs often focus on the key technical skills used in the field. While more general courses in mathematics, English and the sciences may be required, the majority of the coursework deals specifically with computer technology applications. Students might take courses in computer applications, networking set-up and network administration, website administration, software design, computer programming and programming languages and basic data management. Students gain familiarity with specific hardware, such as routers and operating systems.

Computer Technology Bachelor's Degree Course Curriculum

Bachelor's degree programs traditionally combine a liberal arts education with the specific area of study. Students take courses in language arts, mathematics and the natural and social sciences. In a computer technology degree program, students might be offered courses in electronics, digital circuits and microprocessors, data management and administration, information systems design, networking design and application, software development, programming languages, website administration and website development. Students may participate in various hands-on learning activities, such as a senior project.

Computer Technology Master's Degree Course Curriculum

Master's programs again focus on specific skills related to computer technology. Some programs offer areas of concentration, such as instrumentation, systems or computer automation. Coursework might include systems management, electronic control systems, local area networking, automated systems integration, process control and research in computer technology.

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