Online Computer Repair Degrees: Requirements to Enroll in and Complete a Computer Repair Degree Program

Published Sep 03, 2009

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Computer Repair technicians are in high demand now that computers have become a part of our everyday lives and a requirement of almost every American business. Students wishing to complete an online degree to become a computer repair technician can enroll in a 34-credit associate's degree, certificate or diploma program where they will learn the ins and outs of working with and troubleshooting computers.

Enrolling in an Online Computer Repair Degree Program

Students who wish to enroll in an online computer repair degree program should be tech savvy, good with math and have a desire to work with the latest technology. Few businesses can function nowadays without computer technology. Essential, therefore, is the employee who can perform computer repair. Online computer repair degrees are typically given at the associate's, certificate and diploma levels and take two or more years to complete. Students looking into a degree program should understand that computers are always being updated and should be prepared to become lifelong learners if they wish to work in the field. There are several online certifications they must complete after earning their initial degree.

Enrolling can be done online and several career schools offering online computer repair degree programs offer open admissions. Students will have to provide personal info and agree to a payment option.

Completing an Online Computer Repair Degree

Once enrolled in the program, students have the option to take anywhere from 1-4 courses per semester. Students can take classes at their own pace but must make scheduled meeting periods. For example, some classes include chatroom participation and, depending on the school, may be asked to participate with other students online, using a headset set up from their home computer. Grades and comments are posted to an online bulletin board by the instructor, who is also available by e-mail. Coursework includes both business and technology. Classes include measurement and circuits, computing, computer design, computer repair, analog and digital circuits, printer and scanner repair, system maintenance, diagnostics, digital logic and introduction to computing.

In addition to learning how to repair a personal or business computer, graduates should be able to diagnose and repair scanners, printers, digital media players and other devices when they've completed the program. The online degree requires 34 credits, which includes some basic liberal arts and math courses. Once a degree is earned, computer repair technicians are in high demand for businesses and many even become self-employed. Computer repair technicians earned an average of $19.87 per hour in 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (

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