Online Computer Technician Degree Program: Requirements to Complete a Computer Technician Program Online

Published Nov 05, 2009

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Online computer technician degree programs most often come in the form of certificate or associate's degree programs, though bachelor's and master's degree programs in information technology are available. Degrees can lead to steady employment because almost every organization and U.S. household relies on technology equipment. Graduates may work for information technology departments in private, public or nonprofit organizations and information technology consulting businesses.

Online Computer Technician Degree Program Completion Requirements

In addition to learning about electronic circuits, digital systems and computer networking, students must take online classes in communications, business, social sciences, personal development and professional development to complete online computer technician degree programs. Those completing an online associate's degree in computer technology develop the skills needed to keep technology current and working at peak performance. Classes may explore topics, including computing career exploration, computer problem troubleshooting, operating systems, software applications, system support for networks and operating systems, Web design and computer programming. Graduates should be able to perform various computer repair functions, such as installing and operating system software, collecting data, interpreting programming code, using appropriate library and information sources to research support issues, designing Web pages and manipulating variables through computer programming. Degree holders should be well qualified to pursue many industry certifications and advanced degrees over their lifetimes. Technology is constantly evolving, and computer repair technician program graduates should have the foundation knowledge necessary to quickly learn new technologies.

At the associate's degree level, students can expect to earn the computer technician degree after completing approximately 60 credit hours of coursework (less for a certificate program). Approximately 120 credit hours of coursework are involved in a bachelor's degree program. Master's degree candidates can earn their degrees after completing 30-72 hours of classes.

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