School Lists for Communications and Journalism Degrees

  • Advertising Design College: List of Colleges with Advertising Design Degree Programs

    Advertising design professionals work for publishing houses, advertising agencies and design firms, creating visual and graphic components of mass communication campaigns. Designers can enter the field with as little as an associate's degree, but many upper-level and management positions are reserved for those with master's degrees in advertising design. Colleges with advertising design degree programs include New York University, the University of Cincinnati and the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

  • Advertising School: List of Top Advertising Schools in the U.S.

    If you're interested in a career as an advertising sales representative, art director or brand strategist, check out the information below on the degrees available in this field from top institutions nationwide. The University of Florida, University of Texas at Austin and Michigan State University all offer various levels of advertising degree programs that are among the best in the nation.

  • Animation Colleges: List of Schools and Colleges with Animation Degree Programs

    An associate's degree in Animation prepares the student for entry-level jobs in Animation. In a bachelor's degree in Animation program, a student learns painting and drawing in computer Animation. A master's degree in Animation focuses on the technical and visual aspects of Animation. With a Ph.D. in Animation a graduate can research and work in many aspects of digital imagery. Schools like the College of Southern Nevada, Houston Community College and Lansing Community College offer degree programs in Animation

  • Audio Engineering Colleges: List of Colleges with Audio Engineering Degree Programs

    Audio engineers may hold degrees in recording arts, sound recording or audio production. These degree programs train recording artists to record live music events and studio-recorded music tracks as well as direct audio production for films, television and cable productions. Indiana University, Texas State University and Middle Tennessee State University are some schools that offer audio engineering degree programs.

  • Audio Production Schools: List of U.S. Schools with Degrees in Audio Production

    Audio production degrees are available at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Depending on the program, graduates of these programs can earn associate's, bachelor's or master's degrees in audio production. Students in audio production programs learn skills and techniques that help to pave the way to careers like sound mixing, audio engineering, song production and more.

  • Audio Technician School: List of Schools with Audio Technology Degrees

    Audio technology involves music engineering, acoustics, live sound reinforcement, and music theory, technology and history. At the associate's level, students couple their classroom theory learning with hands-on training experience that get them ready for an entry-level job. At the bachelor's level, students are taught advanced theory and may have the chance to work in a school's communications department, helping run a recording studio, radio station or concert venue.

  • Broadcast Journalism Schools: List of Schools with Degrees in Broadcast Journalism

    Bachelor's degree programs in Broadcast Journalism prepare students for careers writing, reporting, editing and producing television and radio news programs. A master's degree program, geared toward those who seek further expertise and practice in Broadcast Journalism, prepares students to be leaders in the field . Doctoral programs in Broadcast Journalism are for those who intend to conduct research and teach in the field. The University of Illinois, the University of North Texas and Temple University are just three schools offering degrees in Broadcast Journalism

  • Broadcaster School: List of Schools with Broadcasting Degree Programs

    Getting a degree in the diverse field of broadcasting can lead to employment in print or broadcast journalism, digital media production, advertising or broadcast technology. Associate's degrees ready students for entry-level broadcasting positions, while bachelor's and master's degrees prepare graduates for executive and supervisory positions.

  • Broadcasting Colleges: List of Universities with Broadcasting Degree Programs

    Broadcasting degree programs prepare students for careers as broadcast journalists or news producers in radio or television. Subjects covered include recording technology and news writing. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Temple University and the City College of San Francisco are just a few universities with broadcasting degree programs.

  • Cartoon Animation Colleges: List of Colleges with Cartoon Animation Education Programs

    Attending a college to take a cartoon animation education program is a great way to get the skills you need to become an animator. These programs provide instruction in various kinds of animation, including digital and analog methods. Degrees offered in cartoon animation education programs include bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees.

  • Colleges for Communications Degrees: List of U.S. Schools, Colleges, and Universities with Communications Majors

    Thinking of pursuing a degree in Communications? There are many universities that offer bachelor's, master's or Ph.D. programs with areas of study that match your interests and career goals. Arizona State, Ohio State and the University of Florida are three of the largest schools in the country offering Communications programs.

  • Freelance Writing Schools: List of Schools with Programs for Becoming a Freelance Writer

    Freelance writers provide feature articles, press releases, speeches and advertising copy to businesses, individuals and organizations. They learn their craft by completing degree programs in English, journalism and communication. Arizona State University, the University of Florida and Ohio State University all have degree programs for freelance writers.

  • Grad Schools for Public Relations: List of Graduate Schools with Public Relations Degree Programs

    Public Relations specialists tend to work in the fields of advertising, communications and media. Those in Public Relations are responsible for supporting and promoting the goals, image and policies of their employer.

  • Journalism Colleges: List of Schools, Colleges, and Universities with Journalism Degree Programs

    Journalism is a popular, yet competitive, degree option for college students. Despite a struggling industry, students continue to choose journalism as a field of study. Three U.S. colleges that offer programs in journalism are the University of Central Florida, the University of Texas at Austin and Michigan State University.

  • News Reporter College: List of Schools and Colleges for Becoming a News Reporter

    News reporters track down facts on breaking news events or controversial public issues. These reporting skills are learned through journalism or communication degree programs. Ohio State University, Arizona State University and the University of Florida all have degree programs designed for news reporters.

  • Newscaster College: List of Colleges for Newscasters in the U.S.

    College newscaster or broadcast journalism degree programs prepare students for work reporting, writing, editing and producing for radio and television. Most employers require at least a bachelor's degree in journalism or broadcast journalism for even entry-level positions. As newscasters face a highly competitive job market, internships and jobs at college radio and television stations are an important educational component. Master's degree programs in broadcast journalism prepare candidates for advancement in the profession, and doctoral programs in the field prepare students for research and teaching. The City College of San Francisco, the University of Georgia and the University of Southern California are just three schools offering degrees degree programs suited for newscaster training.

  • Online Broadcasting Schools: List of Colleges and Schools with Online Broadcasting Degree Programs

    Currently, only the State University of New York (SUNY) at Oswego offers an online broadcasting degree program. Because a degree in broadcasting typically involves significant hands-on training, most schools require students to attend on-campus broadcasting classes. Miami Dade College, Houston Community College and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are some of the institutions that offer campus-based broadcasting degree programs.

  • Online Colleges for Creative Writing: List of Online Schools Offering Creative Writing Classes and Courses

    Graduates with an online associate's degree in Creative Writing have taken courses that qualify them for entry-level jobs as editorial assistants, while those with a bachelor's degree may find employment with publishing companies and arts organizations. Those who hold a master's degree in Creative Writing may work as writing instructors or consultants. The University of Central Florida, Virginia Tech and George Washington University are among the schools that offer online Creative Writing classes.

  • Online Journalism Universities: List of Online Schools with Journalism Degree Programs

    Many universities use the Internet to deliver Journalism degree programs. Some online schools offer graduate Journalism degree programs geared toward Journalism professionals who wish to become leaders in the field, and other universities offer online bachelor's degree programs in Journalism to prepare students to enter the field as reporters, journalists and editors for newspapers, radio, television, online news organizations and public relations firms. The University of Memphis, Clarion University and Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College are among the universities offering online Journalism degree programs.

  • Online Speech Therapy Schools: List of Schools with Online Speech Therapy Degree Programs

    Online Speech Therapy programs prepare students to work as trained speech therapists in hospitals, schools, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities, helping people overcome speech and communication disorders. Almost every state requires speech therapists, sometimes called speech language pathologists, to have at least a master's degree. Several schools offer Speech Therapy degree programs online through extended education or distance learning initiatives.

  • Photojournalism Graduate School: List of Graduate Schools with Photojournalism Degree Programs

    Photojournalism graduate degree programs are intended for students who want to complete an in-depth study of photojournalistic technique and history. Photojournalism master's degree and Ph.D. students must complete a thesis or dissertation project in order to earn the degree; in some schools, the thesis may consist of a photo essay or article. Many top schools in the country offer graduate programs for those interested in photojournalism, including Indiana University, New York University and Northwestern University.

  • Photojournalism Schools: List of Top Schools for Photojournalism in the U.S.

    In photojournalism programs, students learn to use pictures to tell a story and convey information. Photojournalists need an understanding of journalistic concepts for reporting and news gathering, as well as technical photography skills. Programs in photojournalism, such as those offered by the University of North Texas Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism, Texas Tech University's College of Mass Communications and Central Michigan University, provide these skills and prepare students for entry-level careers as photojournalists.

  • Public Relations Online Universities: List of Schools with Online Public Relations Degree Programs

    Associate degrees from Public Relations (PR) online universities give students broad PR knowledge and a solid foundation for continuing studies. Bachelor's and master's degrees in Public Relations prepare students to work as communication specialists, account executives, speech writers, publicists and media advisors. Schools with online Public Relations degree programs include University of Maryland's University College, East Carolina University and George Washington University.

  • Public Relations Schools: List of U.S. Schools for Public Relations Degree Programs

    Public relations (PR) professionals act as liaisons between organizations and the groups they serve. Thanks to an increasingly competitive business world, job opportunities for public relations specialists were expected to grow 18% between 2006 and 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, A college degree is widely considered the industry standard in PR; read on to learn about public relations degree programs offered by schools including the University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University and the University of Florida.

  • Recording Arts School: List of Schools and Colleges with Recording Arts Degree Programs

    An entry-level position in the Recording Arts usually requires an associate's degree, while a bachelor's degree can lead to a more advanced career. A master's degree gives students advanced technical knowledge and prepares them to teach at postsecondary schools. Recording Arts enthusiasts should consider a program at schools, such as Indiana University, Texas State or Middle Tennessee State.

  • Recording Engineering Schools: List of Schools with Degree Programs in Recording Engineering

    Recording engineers bring an artist's performance to the masses. They use their recording expertise to digitally record, enhance and produce music, videos and special effects that are acoustically concert-hall quality. Indiana University, Texas State University and Middle Tennessee State have recording arts degree programs for recording engineers.

  • Sound Technician Colleges: List of Schools and Colleges with Sound Technician Degree Programs

    Sound technician schools train professionals to work in recording studios, community and public theaters and production companies. Many obtain degrees in audio technology, recordings arts, technical theater or music arts. Miami Dade College, Houston Community College and Penn State University offer sound technician degree programs.

  • Special Effects College: List of Schools and Colleges with Special Effects Degree Programs

    Special effects can be seen in blockbuster films, television dramas or commercials and gaming software. Creators of these special effects hold degrees in visual effects, animation and motion media design. Brigham Young University, University of Southern California and Sam Houston State University all have special effects degree programs.

  • Speech Pathologist College: List of U.S. Colleges with Programs for Becoming a Speech Pathologist

    Speech Pathologists identify and treat language and speech problems in children, teens and adults. They design individual therapy plans to help patients overcome common disorders resulting from brain injuries, strokes and congenital abnormalities. Arizona State University, the University of Florida and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities are among colleges that offer programs for becoming a Speech Pathologist.

  • Speech Therapy Schools: List of Colleges and Schools with Speech Therapy Degrees

    After earning a master's degree in speech-language pathology, speech therapists help people with vocal problems like stuttering, harsh vocal tone or an unwanted accent. A bachelor's degree in speech therapy helps you prepare for graduate work, and an associate's degree trains people to become speech therapist assistants. The University of Maryland, University of North Texas and Brigham Young University are just three of many schools where you can study speech therapy.

  • Sports Broadcasting Colleges: List of Schools and Colleges with Sports Broadcasting Degree Programs

    A degree in sports broadcasting paves the way for an exciting career announcing sports for radio, TV or new forms of electronic media. Programs are offered at the associate, bachelor's and even master's degree levels. Indiana University-Bloomington, Oklahoma State University and Texas Christian University are three of the largest schools which offer this major; a more extensive list of schools is provided below.

  • Sports Journalism Colleges: List of Colleges and Schools with Sports Journalism Degree Programs

    If you are a sports fanatic and love to write, you might consider combining the two interests and pursue a career in Sports Journalism. However, only a small number of colleges or universities in the U.S. currently offer any type of degree or certificate program in Sports Journalism. Boston University and Oklahoma State University are among the schools offering degree programs in Sports Journalism, with Indiana University expected to do so in the near future.

  • Technical Writing School: List of Colleges and Schools with Technical Writing Programs

    Completing a Technical Writing program prepares a graduate to develop communication projects such as describing, perfecting and completing simple to complex projects. Some popular colleges and schools with Technical Writing programs include the University of Central Florida, Northern Virginia Community College and North Carolina State University. Browse this list of schools and programs to find Technical Writing programs.

  • Television Production Schools: List of Schools with Television Production Degree Programs

    A degree in television production prepares students for careers as production assistants, editors and directors in the broadcast field. Subjects studied vary, depending on the degree level sought, but generally include basic camera techniques, multi-camera filming and mass communication theory. Arizona State University, the University of Florida and Michigan State University are just a few schools with television production degree programs.

  • Television Repair Schools: List of Schools with Degree Programs in Television Repair

    Those who wish to work in television repair should complete a certificate or associate degree program in electronics. Enrollees learn about electric currents, safety procedures and advanced electronics. The largest schools in the nation which provide electronics repair programs are all located in California: Riverside Community College, City College of San Francisco and American River College.

  • TV Production Schools: List of Schools with TV Production Courses and Degree Programs

    Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida, the University of Central Florida in Orlando and the City College of San Francisco in California are three among many schools offering courses and degree programs in TV Production. These programs provide students with basic and advanced skills necessary for careers in the television, broadcast and multimedia industries. This article provides an overview of some of these programs and a list of schools offering TV Production courses and degrees.

  • Web Multimedia Design Colleges: List of Colleges Offering Degrees in Web Multimedia Design

    Many colleges and universities offer Web multimedia design certificate and degree programs. Students earning these credentials study Web design, Web animation and digital motion art graphics. Northern Virginia Community College, Lone Star College and the College of Southern Nevada have Web multimedia design degree programs.

  • Writing Colleges: List of Colleges to Attend for a Writing Profession

    Several options for Writing degree programs are available. Those interested in creative writing may find what they are looking for in a Master of Fine Arts program. At the same time, a bachelor's degree is all that is required to begin a professional Writing career in journalism or public relations. Many Ph.D. programs are available to those who are serious about the field. Arizona State, University of Florida and the University of Minnesota are three of the largest Writing schools in the country.