Web and Computer Design Degree and Career Details

  • BA in Game Design: Career Options for a BA Degree in Game Design

    Game design is an important part of the development of video games and can play a large part in a game's success or failure. Bachelor's degree programs in game design can help students gain the necessary technical and creative skills to become successful designers. Career options for graduates of these programs are not limited to video game design, however, and opportunities may exist in animation and other film and television industries.

  • Computer Aided Design Salaries: Average Salary of a Computer Aided Design Professional

    Computer aided design professionals create sketches, plans and renderings for all types of objects, from toy prototypes to skyscrapers. Computer aided designers work in various industries, such as construction, engineering and transportation. Based on data from 2008 and 2009, computer aided design professionals can expect to earn $30,000 to $60,000 each year.

  • Computer Aided Drafting Degree: Course Curriculum for a Computer Aided Drafting Degree Program

    While many schools offer Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) courses as a part of engineering and architecture degree programs, some technical and community colleges offer entire associate's degree and certificates programs dedicated to CAD. Students might also be interested in pursuing other degrees with a specialization in Computer Aided Drafting, or continue studying in a related field such as architecture, engineering or mathematics. While most employers do not require certification in Computer Aided Drafting, the American Design Drafting Association offers certification to those who can demonstrate basic drafting skills.

  • Computer Drafting and Design: Career Outlook for the Computer Drafting and Design Professions

    Computer Drafting and Design professionals can work in many different career specialty areas, such as architectural, civil and mechanical drafting and design. The career outlook for the Computer Drafting and Design field is best for individuals with at least two years of education and training in a technical drafting program, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Computer Graphic Arts Bachelors Degree: Course Curriculum for a Bachelors Degree in Computer Graphic Arts

    A bachelor's degree program in Computer Graphic Arts will prepare students for a career in several realms of digital art, including graphic design, layout design, website design, book design and fine arts. Because of the digitalization that is occurring in almost every form of media, graduates of a bachelor's degree program in Computer Graphic Arts are in great demand.

  • Computer Graphics Degree: Career Options for Graduates with a Computer Graphics Degree

    Computer Graphics are used in everything from advertising to movies. Those who pursue Computer Graphics degrees at the associate's, bachelor's or master's level may learn about digital multimedia and the latest technology used in the Computer Graphics field. Graduates may find careers as graphics designers or multimedia artists, among other options.

  • Computer Graphics: Education and Job Training Requirements for a Career in Computer Graphics

    Computer Graphics specialists use computers to design electronic images for clients. A Computer Graphics specialist may work in the advertising industry, video gaming industry or multimedia industry. A bachelor's degree is usually required for an entry-level position in the Computer Graphics field.

  • Game Designer: Career Outlook for the Game Design Professions

    Game Designers create video or computer games. Game Designers determine the plot, characters, settings, difficulty and skill level for their video or computer game.

  • Internet Specialist: Education and Job Training Requirements for Becoming an Internet Specialist

    The Internet has become integrated into almost all aspects of business and industry and specialists who can utilize the Internet's capabilities to the greatest advantage are in demand. Training programs for Internet specialists vary depending on the type of work they intend to pursue.

  • Online Computer Aided Drafting Degree: Career Options for Graduates with an Online Degree in Computer Aided Drafting

    Those who work in Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) use computer software to design anything from products to buildings. An online Computer Aided Drafting degree program prepares students for a number of different jobs, such as aeronautical or mechanical drafters.

  • Video Game Designer: How to Become a Video Game Designer

    Video Game Designers come up with ideas that are developed into new video games. They design concepts, characters, plots, game objectives and rules that are turned into video games. Most companies look to hire people with backgrounds in design and programming who have experience working in a collaborative and creative environment. This article explains some of the skills and qualifications needed to become a Video Game Designer.

  • Web Design Classes Online: Overview of the Skills Taught in Online Web Design Classes

    In a web design class, students learn the technical skills needed to create and design web pages design as a successful means of communication, preparing students for careers in this growing industry. This article provides a description of the skills taught in many online web design classes.

  • Web Design Diploma: Course Curriculum for a Web Design Diploma Program

    Web Design professionals have the opportunity to combine their creativity with software knowledge to create websites. A Web Design diploma may provide students the skills they need to obtain entry-level positions in the field by covering material, such as HTML and design theory.

  • Web Design Major: Career Options for Web Design Majors

    Web Design majors have the opportunity to use their creativity and their knowledge of computer software or Internet protocols to create the web pages seen on the World Wide Web. Web Design majors, upon graduation, may work coding HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), while others may work on implementing databases using management systems for relational databases, such as MySQL.

  • Web Design Online Education: Requirements to Enroll in and Complete an Online Web Design Program

    Web design is increasingly essential to every industry, with the Internet used more and more to conduct business. Those who enroll in a Web design online education program learn to create business-savvy graphics for the Web, written in a language for the Internet. By the time students complete the program, they will have an extensive portfolio of Web design work to show to potential employers.

  • Webmaster Certificate: Career Options for Graduates with a Webmaster Certificate

    The Internet has become more important to businesses, leading to an increased demand for knowledgeable IT professionals like webmasters. Earning a webmaster certificate can help you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be a competitive job candidate in this growing field.

  • Webmaster Certification: Requirements to Complete a Webmaster Certification Program

    Webmaster certification programs are not offered at many colleges, but certificate programs are available. Students choose to specialize in Web design or development and learn how to use specialized software. Proficient webmasters can seek certification from professional organizations.

  • Webmaster Degree: Course Curriculum for a Webmaster Degree Program

    Every website you have ever seen has been created, maintained and improved by a Webmaster. Webmasters use software to construct efficient and user-friendly websites, while constantly improving the speed, design, organization and overall look of the site. Individuals interested in a career as a Webmaster can pursue a variety of associate's, bachelor's and master's degrees.