Web Design Diploma: Course Curriculum for a Web Design Diploma Program

Published Aug 10, 2009

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Web Design professionals have the opportunity to combine their creativity with software knowledge to create websites. A Web Design diploma may provide students the skills they need to obtain entry-level positions in the field by covering material, such as HTML and design theory.

Course Curriculum for a Web Design Diploma

Students who are enrolled in a Web Design diploma program learn about the different aspects of Web Design, such as scripting languages, design layout, Web database management and multimedia. Graduates are prepared for a number of careers working as Web or graphic designers for both large and small companies or as a freelancer. While they may vary slightly, most Web Design diploma programs cover similar topics, such as websites for personal use, e-commerce, networks and the role of a website administrator. The following are some of the typical courses found in a Web Design diploma:

  • Computing Basics teaches students about the latest terminology and technology used in computing.
  • Design Basics covers various topics, such as two-dimensional design, composition and layouts.
  • XHTML introduces students to using XHTML scripting, along with CSS (cascading style sheets).
  • Adobe Dreamweaver explores how to use Adobe Dreamweaver (a website development application) with an emphasis color, layout and typography.
  • Adobe Flash teaches students how to create animation and work with audio files.
  • Website Creation explores different topics, such as site structure, navigation and templates.
  • Website Publishing covers website publishing software, FTP programs and website hosting options.
  • Image Processing teaches students how to create and edit images with software, such as Adobe Photoshop.
  • Website Usability focuses on creating user-friendly websites, with special attention on how to use CSS, DHTML and Ajax or AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML).
  • Web Programming introduces students to the process of programming, along with how to create applications.

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