Web Design Classes Online: Overview of the Skills Taught in Online Web Design Classes

Published Aug 25, 2009

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In a web design class, students learn the technical skills needed to create and design web pages design as a successful means of communication, preparing students for careers in this growing industry. This article provides a description of the skills taught in many online web design classes.

Skills Taught in Online Web Design Classes

Online Web Design Classes combine technical knowledge with concepts of communication and traditional media. Students learn to plan and design sites, integrate multimedia, apply design principles and create effective communication tools. These skills can be applied to careers in business organizations, the entertainment industry or marketing and communications agencies.

Some of the specific skills taught in Online Web Design classes include:

  • Design Fundamentals: Students learn color theory, design aspects, typography and elements of good layout.
  • Website Planning: Students learn to develop websites, create plans for navigation and identify styles.
  • Graphics and Multimedia: Tools for creating graphics and multimedia, including video, animation, image manipulation and audio are covered. Students also learn how to integrate graphics into a website.
  • Website Effectiveness: Students learn to evaluate the use of the website and how well it fulfills its purpose.
  • Web Programming: This course explores the basics of programming might be covered, including programming languages, dynamic HTML and Java.
  • e-Commerce and Marketing: Students might be introduced to concepts of marketing and e-commerce and how website can be tailored for these purposes.

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