Web Design Major: Career Options for Web Design Majors

Published Aug 10, 2009

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Web Design majors have the opportunity to use their creativity and their knowledge of computer software or Internet protocols to create the web pages seen on the World Wide Web. Web Design majors, upon graduation, may work coding HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), while others may work on implementing databases using management systems for relational databases, such as MySQL.

Associate's Degree in Web Design Career Summary

An associate's degree program in Web Design provides students with basic skills so that they may work as web page designers, content providers or Flash developers. (Flash is a computer program to add interactivity and animation to web pages.) Web designers may work on interfaces or e-commerce applications. This may include developing the overall concept of the page, preparing the images and graphics and the actual construction of the web page. They may work for a small company, for a corporation or as independent freelancers. Other possible career options include webmaster or multimedia developer.

Bachelor's Degree in Web Design Career Summary

A Web Design major with a bachelor's may work in all of the careers open to graduates with an associate degree. However, graduates with a bachelor's degree may qualify for management positions, such as project manager, database manager and administrator or web administrator. If you are technically inclined, a web administrator position may be a good choice because you would oversee upgrades, investigate errors and maintain servers for maximum performance. A web developer creates the actual site and its design, is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and may function as a programmer too. Other options include information architect, specialist in web publications, technical writer, teacher or specialist in media integration.

Master's Degree in Web Design Career Summary

Graduates of a master's degree program in Web Design may assume the careers available to associate's and bachelor's degree graduates. In addition, Web design majors with a master's may teach Web Design at a community college or, with teacher certification, a public school. They may also become corporate trainers or instructional designers. Web Analyst can be another job choice. They test websites and perform analyses, volume forecasting and site analytics. A Web Design graduate with a master's degree, working as a web developer or designer or web programmer, may possess more advanced skills and qualify for a position as lead developer or programmer.