Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping OpenCourseWare: A Free Undergraduate Engineering Design Class by MIT

Published Feb 23, 2009

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'Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping,' an OpenCourseWare project, is being offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This course introduces students to the processes of conceiving, designing and presenting a product using rapid prototyping methods. Students interested in attaining a Bachelor of Science in Engineering or Aeronautics may find this course to be particularly useful.

Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes Yes Yes Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
Yes Yes No

Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping: Course Description

This course, from MIT's Engineering and Aeronautics Department, gives students an opportunity to experience the engineering design process first-hand. It also introduces students to the use of rapid prototyping methods, which use computer-aided drafting (CAD) to create the automatic construction of physical objects. In this course, Professor Olivier de Weck focuses on an active-learning instruction style. OpenCourseWare students have the opportunity to learn by viewing video of project presentations and reading project notes by MIT students who took the original course. They also receive lecture instruction on the use of CAD, computer-aided engineering (CAE) analysis and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).

This course includes a series of lecture notes, design tools manual, former students' projects, a reading list and list of other recommended resources. To learn more about engineering design, visit MIT's free engineering design online course page.

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