Advertising Design Degree: Course Curriculum for an Advertising Design Degree Program

Published Sep 15, 2009

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A degree program in advertising design prepares graduates to work as graphic designers, layout editors or art directors with advertising agencies, publishing firms and other businesses. The course curriculum for advertising design degree programs varies depending on the education level sought, but typically includes classes in typography, computer illustration and fine arts.

Course Curriculum for an Associates Degree in Advertising Design

An Associate of Arts in Advertising Design program prepares graduates for careers as graphic designers with publishing companies, advertising firms and related businesses. Many individuals who earn associate's degrees in advertising design go on to earn bachelor's degrees in the field.

In an advertising design program at the associate's degree level, students learn the basics of computer graphics, typography and page layout. The course curriculum for an associate's degree in advertising design program will generally include some of the following classes:

  • Drawing for Design
  • Introduction to Graphic Publishing Applications
  • Design for Advertising

Course Curriculum for a Bachelors Degree in Advertising Design

Though a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising Design opens up many of the same opportunities as an associate's degree in the field, it also might give graduates more long-term career opportunities. Those with a bachelor's degree in advertising design often end up in supervisory positions, such as layout editor or publishing manager.

Students in a bachelor's degree program in advertising design study such subjects as computer illustration, digital design and advertising copywriting. An advertising design program at the bachelor's degree level might feature the following classes as part of its course curriculum:

  • 3D and Computer Animation
  • Concept Development
  • Nonlinear Editing

Course Curriculum for a Masters Degree in Advertising Design

A Master of Arts in Advertising Design gives graduates a competitive edge in the often oversaturated market of graphic artists and designers. Professionals with a master's degree in advertising design can secure jobs as art or creative directors.

In a master's degree program in advertising design, students generally participate in design labs and take fine arts courses as part of their core requirements. Other classes in a master's degree program in advertising design include the following:

  • Art Direction
  • Advertising Design Production
  • Branding Solutions

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