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Published Dec 22, 2006

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An Advertising Design degree provides you with a curriculum that will teach you how to market and sell products. With a Bachelors degree you may seek employment in advertising and marketing firms.

Summary of the Advertising Design Program

In an advertising design program you will develop skills in computer graphics and learn how to use production software. Your responsibilities will include project planning, and you will develop superior skills in oral and written communication. You will study design and marketing techniques used to develop ads. In an Advertising Design degree program, you will learn how to develop marketing platforms for products in order to generate sales. Upon graduation you should have created an outstanding portfolio that potential employers will respect and admire.

Specific Skills You Will Learn

As an Advertising Design professional you will learn to express a product's qualities to the public. You will learn how to apply strategic thinking in order to best emulate the customer's needs for a certain product. A degree in Advertising Design will teach you how to communicate with style. You will learn the principles of design so you may create brand images and media materials.

Typical Coursework

Though coursework will vary depending on the college you choose, common areas of study include:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Writing for the Internet
  • eCommerce
  • Copywriting

Career Related Information

Career Fields You Will Be Prepared to Enter

In choosing to earn an Advertising Design degree you will be entering into a demanding career. Future graduates working in the advertising field will be recognized as motivated and creative thinkers. With a Bachelor's degree in Advertising Design you will be able to seek employment in product packaging design, book cover design for publishing companies, magazine layout and advertising campaigns.

Occupational Outlook For an Advertising Design Degree Including Salary Information

According to, the national annual median wage for those in an Advertising Design Bachelors program varies from $81,896 to $119,219. Your salary will depend on the size of the company and the region in which you are employed. According to, it is highly likely that you will be able to find a job that is challenging, exciting, and pays an exceptional salary.

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