Video Game Designer: How to Become a Video Game Designer

Published Sep 04, 2009

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Video Game Designers come up with ideas that are developed into new video games. They design concepts, characters, plots, game objectives and rules that are turned into video games. Most companies look to hire people with backgrounds in design and programming who have experience working in a collaborative and creative environment. This article explains some of the skills and qualifications needed to become a Video Game Designer.

Video Game Designer Career Summary

Video Game Designers decide on the basic narrative aspects and rules of video games. They collaborate with video game developers to create the visual, audio and mechanical aspects of games and make sure they conform to the game's overall idea and concept. Video Game Designers spend most of their time dealing with the story-related concepts of new games, such as the plot, character development, and overall gameplay design. Many gaming companies expect their Video Game Designers to have some prior experience with computer programming languages, including C++, Java and Artificial Intelligence.

Educational Requirements for Becoming a Video Game Designer

While there are no set educational requirements for being a Video Game Designer, employers usually look to hire people who have some educational background in a related field. Many universities and community colleges offer programs in video game design that award certificates, associate's degrees or bachelor's degrees to graduates. Some Video Game Designers earn a bachelor's degree in computer science or computer programming prior to entering the design field. Since video game design deals with creating characters and narrative, some designers come from a creative writing background.

Job Training and Certification Required to Become a Video Game Designer

People generally need some experience with computer programming or software design to find work as Video Game Designers. They need to be creative, organized and able to collaborate with others. Most video game companies hire designers who have extensive work experience or education and provide little, if any, on-the-job training. Many people entering the field take entry-level jobs within a design company and work their way up to positions as Video Game Designers.

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