Audio Technology Degrees: Career Options for Graduates with an Audio Technology Degree

Published Aug 13, 2009

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Those with degrees in Audio Technology use their skills in a number of industries from television to music. Degrees in Audio Technology are available at the associate's, bachelor's and master's level and may lead to a career as a radio operator, sound engineer or equipment designer.

Associate's Degree in Audio Technology Career Summary

An associate's degree in Audio Technology can lead to a number of exciting careers working with sound. Graduates should be prepared with a solid understanding of audio theory, along with knowledge of the audio equipment used in radio, television or music, among other applications. Jobs in Audio Technology may be found as radio operators, sound engineers or as sound producers, which involves installing, testing and operating electronics for movies, television or music.

Bachelor's Degree in Audio Technology Career Summary

A bachelor's degree in Audio Technology may give students the skills they need to work in sound production. With an understanding of both the business and technical aspects of the sound industry, graduates may find careers as recording or sound engineer whose work entails working with electronic equipment to ensure high quality sound. Jobs may also be found as a studio manager, who may also be responsible for managing finances or hiring sound engineers. Some may also find work as sound editors, who work on sound or special effects in different fields, such as movies or the gaming industry.

Master's Degree in Audio Technology Career Summary

Those who graduate with a master's degree in audio technology should have advanced knowledge of the sound industry and electronic media. With knowledge of soundtrack and studio recording production, along with music production and management, graduates should find a variety of career options. Jobs may involve working with recording and editing software or operating sound equipment at music venues. Careers for those with a master's in Audio Technology may include audio equipment designer or support professional, teacher, sound administration or management, working either on staff or as a freelancer.

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