Internet Specialist: Education and Job Training Requirements for Becoming an Internet Specialist

Published Nov 06, 2009

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The Internet has become integrated into almost all aspects of business and industry and specialists who can utilize the Internet's capabilities to the greatest advantage are in demand. Training programs for Internet specialists vary depending on the type of work they intend to pursue.

Internet Specialist Career Summary

Internet specialists are often involved in marketing, whether it is designing websites promoting an organization or product or devising ways to generate traffic to that website. They also create web applications for collecting, sorting and warehousing data. Some Internet specialists focus on a specific field, such as search engine optimization, web design, website architecture or e-commerce.

Education Required to become an Internet Specialist

Educational programs for Internet specialists vary depending on the focus. However, all specialists should have a thorough understanding of the workings of the Internet, browsers and related tools. Basic programs cover various topics, such as Internet domains, searching, website security, registering a site and basic website design. Programs in website design teach students basic design principles and the various design tools used to create websites. Other programs may include topics in direct marketing, e-commerce, branding, search engine optimization, data management and programming.

Many programs, including programs in website design and Internet marketing, are offered at community colleges or vocational schools. These programs generally award certificates, career diplomas or associate's degrees. Students may also pursue bachelor's or master's degrees in computer science or information systems.

Job Training Required to become an Internet Specialist

Even with some formal education, job training may still be required. New Internet specialists can learn from others who have been in the position longer. Moreover, since the technology is constantly evolving, continuing education is needed to keep up with current trends and developments. Some employers might require continuing education in the form of classes, seminars or workshops. Certification is not a requirement. However, Internet specialists may consider earning certifications offered by Microsoft (MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional), Cisco (CCNA - Certified Network Administrator) or CompTIA (CompTIA A+).

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