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Published Feb 12, 2009

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'Introduction to Business Cultures' explores the connections between national and business cultures and examines the factors that shape and make up culture in the business world. Individuals thinking of enrolling in or currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration may find this course interesting. It is an OpenCourseWare project by Open University.

Introduction to Business Cultures: Course Specifics

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Introduction to Business Cultures: Course Specifics

'Business Culture' is the way an organization is viewed both from the outside and from within. In this Open University course, business administration students investigate business culture as a metaphor for the identity of an organization. Students study Hofstede's 'Five Cultural Dimensions', a set of factors formed to view business from new perspectives.

They also examine difficulties and concerns that may be encountered when working abroad. Additionally, the course focuses on socialization (the act of becoming acclimated to a new environment) in the workplace, as well as the important role of symbols within a business organization. Students also review some of the key factors that influence business culture. This is estimated to be a 4-hour course.

'Introduction to Business Cultures' consists of lectures, activities and a student discussion forum. To look at this free course in more detail, visit the business cultures course page.

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