BA in Game Design: Career Options for a BA Degree in Game Design

Published Sep 09, 2009

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Game design is an important part of the development of video games and can play a large part in a game's success or failure. Bachelor's degree programs in game design can help students gain the necessary technical and creative skills to become successful designers. Career options for graduates of these programs are not limited to video game design, however, and opportunities may exist in animation and other film and television industries.

Bachelor's Degree in Game Design Career Summary

Graduates of game design bachelor's degree programs can enter a variety of careers in the field of video game design. Some game design careers are specific, like economic designer, while others are more general, like design director. The classes a student takes while earning his or her bachelor's degree can impact the kind of game design career he or she enters. For example, students who focus on developing environments rather than characters may work in world design, a part of video game design that concentrates on the landscapes and environments in which games take place.

Bachelor's Degree in Game Design Career Advancement

Game designers might start their careers in entry-level positions with titles like junior designer. With experience, game design graduates may move up to more advanced positions with specific responsibilities like level designer, mission designer or vehicle designer. Accomplished video game designers may eventually become lead or principal designers in charge of a game's overall design. Successful game designers may eventually invent or produce games of their own conception, allowing them to maintain a high level of creative control over the project.

Other Career Options for a Bachelor's Degree in Game Design

Career options for game design bachelor's degree holders are not limited to design aspects of video game production. Graduates can also find careers in other areas of video game production like game testing, story development or texturing. Skills learned in game design programs can also be applied in other industries. For example, game design program graduates may work as character animators, CGI producers and storyboard artists in animation and special effects production for television and film studios. Experienced game designers, animators and special effects producers can also use their industry knowledge to move on to careers in consulting for market research firms, media companies or advertisers.

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