Urban Design Seminar OpenCourseWare: MIT's Free Online Graduate Level Urban Design Course

Published Jan 26, 2009

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Explore the methods used to design a successful city environment. 'Urban Design Seminar' is free OpenCourseWare from MIT that analyzes contemporary and futuristic city design concepts. This course was offered by the Department of Urban Studies and Planning as part of a certificate in urban design.

Urban Design Seminar: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio VideoDownloads
Graduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/NotesStudy MaterialsTests/Quizzes
Yes Yes No

Urban Design Seminar: Course Description

The focus of 'Urban Design Seminar' OpenCourseWare is to study city design in its present form, as well as considering future developmental trends. The course tries to answer two questions. The first question asks what will be the driving forces that will determine what cities look like in the future. The second question asks, the role of the designer of cities, what exactly will they do in the future. Research topics include design forms of neighborhoods, public areas, workplaces and schools. The course also looks at the political and social considerations involved in city planning and design. MIT Professors Dennis Frenchman and Susan Silberberg taught the original course in a lecture format. This is a graduate-level course intended for students majoring in Architecture or Urban Design.

This course includes a reading list, short lecture-notes, original course assignments and examples of student projects. To find out more about how a city is designed, visit city design, now and in the future course page.

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