Distance Learning Culinary Management Degree: Requirements

Published Sep 15, 2009

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Students enrolled in a culinary management degree program learn the basic principles of culinary arts and business management. Most culinary management degree programs are not compatible with the distance learning format and offer on-campus classes only, since many of the skills and techniques taught in the program require in-person instruction and hands-on practice. To get into a culinary management degree program, you'll need a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent. Once admitted, you'll take classes in subjects like human resource management and event planning.

Enrolling in a Culinary Management Degree Program

A high school diploma or the equivalent is required to enroll in a culinary management degree program. Because college admittance can be competitive, those interested in entering a culinary management degree program at a 4-year institution should strive to earn good grades.

Aspiring culinary managers should also work on acquiring preliminary culinary skills by taking cooking or home economics courses at the high school level. Professionals who are considering a switch to a career in culinary management can take continuing education classes at a technical college or community center.

Completing a Culinary Management Degree Program

A culinary management degree program combines an education in culinary arts with core business classes. Many associate's degree programs in culinary management are designed for students interested in transitioning into a bachelor's degree program following graduation.

Subjects studied in a culinary management degree program include human resource management, marketing and event planning. Specific classes might include history and culture of cuisine, contracts and sales, supervision and personnel management, principles of accounting and food service management applications.

Graduates of a culinary management degree program can move on to a variety of careers in restaurant and kitchen management. Possible job titles for culinary arts majors include food sales representative, caterer and special events coordinator.

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