Culinary Degree and Career Details

  1. Food Management Degree and Career Details

  2. Pastry Chef Degree and Career Details

  1. Food Management Degree and Career Details

  2. Pastry Chef Degree and Career Details

  • Chef: Average Salary of a Chef

    Everyone likes a well-cooked meal, so there will always be a need for trained Chefs. A Chef can find work almost anywhere food is prepared, including restaurants, cafeterias, grocery stores and even private residences, with some of the highest average salaries going to chefs in amusement parks. While some Chefs have built careers based on personal experience, it is helpful to have a certificate or degree from a college program or culinary school when looking for work.

  • Chef: Education Requirements for Becoming a Chef

    With continued expansion of the food services industry, opportunities for Chefs are plentiful. Chefs can complete their education through associate's degree, professional and 4-year programs. The following article provides information on Chef careers and the education required to become a Chef.

  • Culinary Bachelor Degree: Requirements to Complete a Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts

    Culinary Arts bachelor's degree programs prepare students for careers as executive and sous chefs, food researchers, personal chefs and food service managers. If you're interested in becoming a skilled Culinary professional, read on to find out what's required to earn a bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts.

  • Culinary Management Degree: Career Options for Graduates with a Degree in Culinary Management

    Culinary Management degrees are offered at many community colleges, universities or professional culinary institutions. These programs prepare individuals for careers in food service management, including kitchen managers, restaurant managers and catering managers. Cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, catering businesses and a variety of other outlets providing food service employ Culinary Management professionals. Read on to find out more about career options for graduate with a degree in Culinary Management.

  • Distance Learning Culinary Management Degree: Requirements

    Students enrolled in a culinary management degree program learn the basic principles of culinary arts and business management. Most culinary management degree programs are not compatible with the distance learning format and offer on-campus classes only, since many of the skills and techniques taught in the program require in-person instruction and hands-on practice. To get into a culinary management degree program, you'll need a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent. Once admitted, you'll take classes in subjects like human resource management and event planning.

  • Online Culinary Bachelor's Degree: Course Curriculum

    The following article discusses the course curriculum of a Culinary bachelor's degree program, some courses of which may be completed online. Because the Culinary Arts is a very hands-on process, most institutions offering bachelor's degree programs in Culinary Arts require some on-campus instruction. However, several institutions do offer coursework online. Students may also be able to apply previous hands-on training towards an online degree completion program.