Online Culinary Bachelor's Degree: Course Curriculum

Published Sep 08, 2009

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The following article discusses the course curriculum of a Culinary bachelor's degree program, some courses of which may be completed online. Because the Culinary Arts is a very hands-on process, most institutions offering bachelor's degree programs in Culinary Arts require some on-campus instruction. However, several institutions do offer coursework online. Students may also be able to apply previous hands-on training towards an online degree completion program.

Online Culinary Bachelors Degree Course Curriculum

Bachelor's degree programs in the Culinary Arts, or in hospitality management with a Culinary concentration, are available with the option of completing portions of the coursework online. Bachelor's programs generally require between 150 and 180 hours of coursework and are designed to be completed in four years of full-time study. Programs build on basic skills and provide additional knowledge in kitchen operations and food service management. Students are prepared for careers as kitchen managers and assistant chefs. Below is information on course curriculum commonly included in a Bachelor's program in the Culinary field.

*Safety and Sanitation: Students learn regulations and procedures for maintaining a safe and sanitary kitchen.

*Kitchen Fundamentals: Basic knife techniques, food staples, kitchen equipment, weights, measures and basic cooking techniques are covered.

*Soups and Sauces: Students learn to create soups and sauces that are the basis for many dishes.

*Pastry Arts: Techniques for creating cakes, cookies, confections and other deserts are explored.

*Food Service Planning: Students learn to calculate food costs, recipe yields and to estimate amounts needed for purchasing.

*Nutrition and Menu Planning: Students learn the basics of nutrition and how to build a menu.

*Hospitality Management: Front-of-house service is explored as well and management and supervision techniques.

*Specialty Cuisines: Programs offer courses on techniques used in specific cuisines, such as French, traditional American, Latin or World cuisines.

*A La Carte Preparation: Courses concentrate on creating entrée dishes. Student learn cooking techniques as well as plate presentation.

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