Post Bachelor's Teaching Certificate: Requirements to Complete a Post Bachelor's Teaching Certificate

Published Sep 15, 2009

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Post-bachelor's teaching certificates offer certification to individuals who already have bachelor's degrees in any field and are looking to become teachers. Post-bachelor's teaching certificates qualify graduates to sit for state-mandated teacher examinations leading to licensure.

Enrolling in a Post-Bachelor's Teaching Certificate Program

Professionals looking to become teachers can do so by enrolling in a post-bachelor's teaching certificate program. These certification programs are designed for individuals who already hold bachelor's degrees and may even have their own professional careers in another industry, but who have decided to become teachers.

Teachers are needed in public and private elementary and secondary schools all across America, and post-bachelor's teaching certificate programs prepare public and private ones,students to educate primary and secondary school students. By enrolling in a post-bachelor's teaching certificate program, future elementary teachers will study a variety of subjects, such as reading, language arts, math and science. Secondary teachers will focus on their area of expertise, such as health and physical education.

Completing a Post-Bachelor's Teaching Certificate Program

A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution is necessary to complete a post-bachelor's teaching certificate program. However, it is not necessary to have a bachelor's degree in education. A post-bachelor's teaching certificate program educates individuals on teaching strategies and techniques for K-12 students. It also prepares professionals to complete supervised student teaching experiences and sit for any appropriate licensure examinations. Course topics may include curriculum and instruction, language arts studies, instructional design and educational psychology.

In addition, courses about teaching the basics, such as math, physical science, English and social science are also discussed. In addition, this coursework will be put to the test during supervised student teaching field experiences prior to graduation. Student teaching typically lasts one semester, but it can require additional semesters if a specialization is also being completed, such as reading. Upon successfully completing of the certificate program and student teaching experiences, graduates must sit for and pass state-appropriate board of education teaching examinations. Licensure is granted through successful completion of these examinations.

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