Television Repair Classes: Overview of Skills Taught in Television Repair Classes

Published Nov 01, 2009

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Students interested in taking courses in television repair can expect to gain general electronics knowledge in areas like currents and circuits. Some programs teaching these skills may also provide students with the knowledge to perform repair on other electrical appliances in addition to televisions.

Overview of Skills Taught in Television Repair Courses

Students in television repair courses receive training in the practice of and theory behind television repair. Skills taught in these programs may include troubleshooting, transistor testing, color set adjusting, reading of block diagrams, repairing of receiver and analyzing voltages. Other skills taught may include cable box and remote control repair. In addition to these skills, many programs also provide students with instruction in electronics theory in areas like electrical currents and circuit technology. Because television repair programs tend to be 2-year programs offered through vocational schools or community colleges, these programs are likely to focus solely on the teaching of skills and may not include general education.

Additional Skills Taught in Television Repair Courses

While some programs teaching television repair skills focus only on television repair, other programs include repair of various types of electronic appliances. Some programs might offer instruction in repair of appliances that are related to televisions, like camcorders, and VCR or DVD players. Students in these programs might learn skills like the use of test equipment and literature from appliance manufacturers. Other programs may teach television repair skills as part of a general appliance repair or industrial electronics curriculum. Skills taught in general electronics repair courses range from the use of specific tools for specific appliances to general electronics principles.

Job Training and Certifications Required to Work in Television Repair

Though receiving formal training may help with job prospects in the television repair industry, most employers do not require any degrees or certificates for entry-level positions. Some television repair workers begin their careers as apprentices in order to learn the skills and concepts necessary to repair televisions. Various professional organizations, like the Professional Service Association and the Society of Certified Electronics Technicians, offer voluntary certification for electronics and appliance repair workers. Though these certifications are not necessary to legally work in television repair, certification may be a professional asset.

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