Sports Broadcasting Degree: Requirements to Enroll in and Complete a Sports Broadcasting Degree

Published Aug 15, 2009

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A degree in Sports Broadcasting will prepare you for a reporting position in radio, television or other electronic communications media. This degree can also prepare you for related work, such as handling media relations for a sports team. Read on for more information about the requirements for enrolling in and completing a Sports Broadcasting degree.

Enrolling in a Sports Broadcasting Degree Program

Some Sports Broadcasting degree programs admit students right out of high school. Other programs require that you take general college and university courses during your freshman year and apply for admission into the Sports Broadcasting program in your sophomore year. The programs that require students to apply after their first year typically require that students have a certain number of college credit hours and a specified grade point average. Whether you apply to begin a Sports Broadcast degree program right after high school or after you've had some college experience, you should have a strong background in both verbal and written communication in addition to a love of sports.

Completing a Sports Broadcasting Degree Program

Sports Broadcasting degree programs are often interdisciplinary, combining communications courses with courses in athletics and kinesiology. To complete a Sports Broadcasting degree program, you will have to take courses covering such broadcast media topics as journalism, public relations, radio and television. You may also be required to take courses in movement and athletics, such as biomechanics, sports history and the sports psychology. Programs in Sports Broadcasting often require students to partake in a Sports Broadcasting practicum or internship as part of the curriculum.

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