Online Sports Journalism Degree: Career Options for Graduates with an Online Sports Journalism Degree

Published Oct 20, 2009

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Sports journalists provide play-by-play reports of local and national sporting events via print, broadcast and multimedia sports news outlets. Sports journalists learn their professional skills by completing on-campus bachelor's and master's degree programs. Graduates of these programs find positions as sports broadcasters, sports writers, sports reporters and sports editors.

Sports Journalism Overview and Career Summary

Sports journalists have a passion for sports and a knack for the written word. Most sports journalism degree programs are traditional undergraduate and graduate on-campus programs. Although there are no associate's degree programs in sports journalism, many bachelor's degree programs accept transfer credits from accredited general studies associate's degree programs.

On-site bachelor's and master's degree programs encourage practical, hands-on experience through college newspapers, cable networks and athletic departments. These degree programs prepare students to cover sporting events and then write articles or produce television broadcasts that are compelling, factual sports news reports. Many sports reporters, broadcasters, bloggers, writers and editors learn their skills by completing a degree program in sports journalism.

Sports Journalism Bachelor's Degree Career Summary

A bachelor's degree program in sports journalism introduces students to print, broadcast and electronic media writing, reporting and editing principles. Students learn how to observe sporting events with a keen eye and write sports news articles about those events. Bachelor's degree programs in sports journalism also introduce students to newspaper design and layout, sports information, video editing, sports media and society and broadcast production. Graduates of a bachelor's degree program will find entry-level sports journalist positions with newspapers, cable and network broadcasting companies and online sports media outlets.

Sports Journalism Master's Degree Career Summary

Print, broadcast and multimedia outlets hire experienced senior-level sports journalists for positions as sports columnists, sports broadcasters, sports reporters, sports writers and sports editors. A master's degree program in sports journalism prepares these individuals to manage a newspaper's sports section or anchor the nightly sports segment on television. Students study sports reporting, media law, sports broadcast journalism, sports psychology, sports and society, sports communication, sports feature or column writing and sports management.

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