Kindergarten Teacher Certificate: Requirements to Complete a Kindergarten Teaching Certificate Program

Published Sep 03, 2009

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Kindergarten teaching certificate programs teach students how to communicate effectively with children and positively effect their youthful minds. Kindergarten teachers often give young student their first look at mathematics, language and science. A certificate program in kindergarten or elementary teaching, along with a bachelor's degree in education, can qualify individuals to become kindergarten teachers at public schools.

Enrolling in a Kindergarten Teaching Certificate Program

Kindergarten teachers are experts in encouraging young children to find themselves through basic learning principals. They use stories, videos, games, music and art to teach students initial literacy and number skills. Before enrolling in a kindergarten teaching certificate program, a potential student must make sure they are ready for the responsibility that goes into being a kindergarten teacher. Prospective students are encouraged to spend time in a classroom as an observer to get a sense of what the kindergarten teacher does and the skills they must have to reach their students.

Furthermore, some individuals work as tutors or at a day care facility to prepare themselves for a career teaching youngsters. Students can attain their certificate either before or after their bachelor's degree education and must fill out applications and write a essays pertaining to why they wish to work with children.

Completing a Kindergarten Teaching Certificate Program

In a kindergarten teaching certificate program, students learn how to facilitate a child's development and create environments that help enhance the young mind of a 4-6 year-old child. Students also learn how to help children in areas where additional attention is needed. Courses taken in kindergarten teaching certificate programs often include curriculum planning, culture, integrating parental involvement, theories in child development and foundations of bilingual education.

A certificate allows the graduate to work as a teacher's aid and while working toward a bachelor's degree, a requirement for kindergarten teachers in every state. However, many students gain their 1- or 2-year certificate after attaining their bachelor's degree. Once both educational requirements are met, kindergarten teachers in most states must receive licensure before leading a classroom.

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