Early Childhood Education Degree and Career Details

  • Early Childhood Education Bachelor's Degree: Requirements

    A Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education prepares graduates to work with children ages birth through eight years old in elementary schools and daycare centers. Many Early Childhood Education undergraduate programs focus on child development so graduates learn to evaluate children's developmental needs and develop course curriculum to assist with those needs.

  • How to Become a Preschool Teacher: Education and Job Training Requirements

    Preschool Teachers introduce small children to basic language, math and social skills. Employment qualifications vary from school to school, but most Preschool Teachers need a minimum of an associate's degree and/or related experience as a teaching assistant.

  • Kindergarten Teacher Certificate: Requirements to Complete a Kindergarten Teaching Certificate Program

    Kindergarten teaching certificate programs teach students how to communicate effectively with children and positively effect their youthful minds. Kindergarten teachers often give young student their first look at mathematics, language and science. A certificate program in kindergarten or elementary teaching, along with a bachelor's degree in education, can qualify individuals to become kindergarten teachers at public schools.

  • Kindergarten Teacher Requirements: Education and Job Training Requirements for Becoming a Kindergarten Teacher

    Kindergarten Teachers work in a classroom aimed at educating America's youngest students. They introduce new concepts, such as handwriting, reading, simple mathematics and basic organizational skills. Read this article to learn more about education requirements for becoming a Kindergarten Teacher.

  • Kindergarten Teacher: Average Salary of a Kindergarten Teacher

    Kindergarten Teachers work with four- to six-year-old children, guiding their emotional and physical development and teaching basic math, science, music and more. Indeed.com reports that the average salary of a Kindergarten Teacher is around $39,000 annually. Approximately 28,000 new jobs were expected to be created for Kindergarten Teachers between 2006 and 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education: Career Options

    A master's degree in Early Childhood Education prepares graduates for careers educating children aged from birth to about 12 years old. The degree builds on undergraduate coursework in education and covers advanced concepts used by teachers and education administrators. Most Early Childhood Education master's degree programs require students to complete about 42 credit hours of coursework and can be finished in about 2 years.

  • Online Early Childhood Education Associates Degree Online: Course Curriculum

    An online early childhood education associate degree program is a good choice for students who want to study early childhood education but would like to be able to take classes at home. Early childhood education associate degree programs provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in early childhood education as daycare workers, nannies, preschool teachers and elementary school teaching aides.

  • Preschool Teacher Certification: Requirements to Complete a Preschool Teacher Certification Course

    Preschool Teachers play an important role in young children's lives, assisting with their intellectual, social, emotional and physical development, which will prepare them for primary school and beyond. Licensure and certification requirements for preschool teachers vary according to employer and state.

  • Preschool Teacher Degree: Course Curriculum for a Preschool Teaching Degree Program

    Preschool teachers have an exciting opportunity to work with young children, fostering their imaginations and preparing them for their future educational experiences. Individuals, who plan to pursue a preschool teacher degree, typically obtain a bachelor's degree with a major in early childhood development, although associate and master's degrees are available.

  • Preschool Teacher: Average Salary of a Preschool Teacher

    You can help kids begin their education on the right foot with a job as a preschool teacher. Teachers study child psychology and development in college to learn how to encourage growth and learning in young children. Most preschool teachers work in day care facilities.

  • Preschool Teacher: Career Outlook for Preschool Teachers

    Preschool teachers help children develop their language, behavioral and cognitive skills during their pre-kindergarten years. Preschool teachers should have a background in early childhood development or a similar area, and they must be licensed to teach in public preschools.